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Spongebob Squarepants Hero's Journey

No description

Alicia Ross

on 25 May 2012

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Transcript of Spongebob Squarepants Hero's Journey

Spongebob Squarepants the Movie in...A HERO'S JOURNEY! Unusual Birth Theese are Spongebob's parents.
known as Mr. and Mrs. Squarepants. The only memories of Spongebob's life with them is happy. Spongebob answers the call when his boss is acused of stealing and selling Neptune's crown...
He has to return with the crown in 6 days or Mr.Krabs dies! The CALL to Adventure... http://www.unitedspongebob.com/page.php?page=parentsbio citation Supernatural Helpers and Companions... Princess Mindy
daughter of King Neptune David Hasselhoff Patrick Star Given to them by Princess Mindy, the "bag of winds" is the only thing that can get Spongebob and Patrick home. Talisman or Weapon... Crossing
the Threshold... This therhshold is the county line. Right before Spongbob crosses, he stops at a gas station. The fish working there laugh at his sandwich car. They say he wouldn't last 10 seconds... Trials... A Stolen Car... Ice Cream You Scream... Now, they are standing in front of a trench terrified of the chilling things that may lay at the bottom. They get so frustrated they start bawling. Luckily Princess Mindy comes and gives them seaweed mustaches to give them courage and make them feel like men. Thinking that they are also invincible, they jump into the trench and begin to sing "Now That We're Men". They make it through completely untouched by the monsters. Mustaches of Men... Spongebob and Patrick get their car stolen as soon as they cross the county line. So, as they are walking they pass a saloon with their car parked out front. But the key is gone. They go inside and cause a distraction, then Patrick gets the key! They end up on a skull infested road that they don't notice, and see an ice cream stand. But when Spongebob takes hold of the ice cream he can't get his hands off it. A monster rises up around hi, and he runs for it! Luckily though Spongebob and Patrick jump out of the car before it falls in the trench. The monster jumps inn after the "sandwich" and gets eaten by a giant trench monster. Right before Dennis, Plankton's hired assassin squishes Spongebob and Patrick, the cyclops picks the up and takes them to his gift shop! He puts them under a sunlamp hat they are in She;; City, marine gifts and sundries. They and they shed one tear before they dry out. "The Tear of the Goofy Goober" shorts out an electrical circuit and the sprinklers go off bringing them back to life. They get the Crown and run outside.
But, as Spongebob reads the directions Patrick follows them and the bag fly off to Bikini Bottom.
But Luckily David Hasselhoff comes and says he can take them right above Bikini Bottom Their Final Hour!!! maybe... One More Thing...The BATTLE! Dennis rides up onto the foot of the Hoff! Dennis traps Spongebob on his left leg, while Patrick runs to the right. But Spongebob jumps over to the right leg...unfortunately Dennis had the same idea. Dennis picks up Spongebob, Spongebob accidentally blows bubbles in his eyes that blingd him. He drops Spongebob and gets knocked off when they go under and dock. Reconciliation With Father Figure In this case, Spongebobs "farther figure" is Mr.Krabs. He reunites with him after they get back, and Mr.Krabs gives Spongebob the position of maneger. Acheivment of Goal Spongebob does get the crown from Shell City, but it holds no special knowledge. But it DOES cover King Neptune's bald spot! Return Home Spongebob saves Mr.Krabs, but Plankton has already teken over Bikini Bottom!
Luckily, Spongebob saves the day by destroying the bucket helmet mind controls with his goofy goober guitar laser! The REAL end... Spongebob Squarepants the Movie is the perfect choice for a hero’s journey.Spongebob isn’t hero because he’s a talking sponge. He is brave, (most of the time) daring, and still has the heart of a kid.
Spongebob, a chipper yellow sea sponge, still entertains us today with his hilarious and interesting life. http://paola173.tripod.com/bhabsie/index.blog/1062913/strongvacations-hirstrong/ http://www.imdb.com/media/rm731888384/tt0345950
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