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No description

Tariq Nelson

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of cree

Woodlands Hunters Cree Shelter Created By: Crees live in tepees and lodges.What the Crees used to make there tepees is animal skin.Ther is a whole in the tepee for the smoke to come out.several people lived in each teepee. The cree's social organization was based on bands of related family. they lived together in small hunting groups for most the year , and gathered in the summer for socializing, exchanges, and ceremonies. Social Organization The cree wore many types of clothing
like the girls wore knee-length dresses and
leggings in the summer and wore leather mittens
in the winter. Guys wore leggings in the summer
and wore a breech clout. Both genders wore moccasins. Clothing Summary In summary the Cree tribe was a magnificent tribe. The Cree people lived in tepees and loges. The Cree winters were long and very harsh and the summers were short. In the summers the Cree people wore leggings in the winter and mittens in the winter. The tools that the Cree people used were made from natural materials like stone and wood. The Cree people lived in small hunting groups. They ate many different types of animals like moose, elk, beaver, rabbit, and more. They lived almost all over Canada. Tools Climate the crees winters were really bad and long. for the crees summer was short and cool with lots of mosquitoes and black flies Location Culture Food The Cree ate many various types of food that they got from the wild by hunting.The Cree ate caribou, moose, elk, rabbits, and beaver. The women from the Cree collected nuts and fruits.The women also grew corn. -canadian encyclopedia
-britannica all information was gathered from : The Evan Tariq when a child is old enough he goes into the forest without food or water the child stayed in the forest to wait for there guardian when the child found the guardian it was usually an animal or bird this animal or bird would be the child's guardian even when the child grows up. Tools were made from natural materials
like stone and wood. They made traps
for animals by making holes with stakes
at the bottom to kill them. They used tools like snow shoes, bows , arrows , spears and etc Jaideep Cree people lived in Quebec, Ontario,Manitoba, and Alberta. they lived in sub groups such as plains Cree, woods Cree and etc.
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