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Western Reality vs. Western Stereotypes

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cheyenne peake

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Western Reality vs. Western Stereotypes

Western Reality vs. Western Stereotypes
Western Reality
There are both good and bad guys
There is not always a hero
Not everyone does the right thing

Western Stereotypes
Often when people think of the west they think tumbleweed, saloons, cowboys, desert, and outlaw justice (gun fights).

Western Stereotypes
Cowboys always save the day
Always doing the right thing

Western Reality
When people think of the west they often think about the stereotypical west not the west in reality. The reality of the west is that its grasslands and valleys full of horses and cattle to be herded.

Western Stereotypes
When you think of the west you think of cowboys. Or more so the stereotypical cowboy image that is associated with the west. This image consists of tall lean men with horses and cowboy boots usually wearing a hat.

Western Reality
Cowboys are often associated and thought of when referencing the west. Most people think of a stereotypical cowboy where as a cowboy you would find in the west in reality is much different. A real cowboy is just a man who works a farm or ranch herding cattle and wild horses.
Similarities between Western Stereotypes and Reality
While there are many stereotypes about the west that differ from the reality of the west there are some things that may over lap between the two. The west could have desert lands as well as grasslands. The stereotypes about the west and cowboys verses the reality may over lap in ways suck as they may both wear cowboy boots or hats in means to work the land better and keep shade but not all cowboys wear these things.

By: Cheyenne Peake
Western Stereotypes
There are many differences between the old west and the west today or more so the reality of the west. If we look at western TV shows you will see there will still be many elements of the west present like cowboys, gunfighters, oulaws, bank and train robberies, saloons, and cattle drives but as you move further along through the time of the west these stereotypical things to see will change.
Western Reality
When looking at the differences in TV shows about the old west and the new west you will see that the old west TV shows show many stereotypical elements of the west. New west TV shows focus more on the use of trains as transportation than horses and the changes in society and how they affect those who still feel tied to the "old ways" of the West. For example, bringing justice to an area now means criminals are dealt with by sheriffs, police, judges, and jails rather than vigilante justice.
Western stereotypes
The cowboy became the symbol for the West, often depicted as a glamorous or heroic figure. The stereotype of the heroic white cowboy is well known. The cowboy often is thought of as hard working but happy with a sense of freedom.

Western Reality
The stereotype of the heroic white cowboy is far from true. The first cowboys were Spanish. Black cowboys also rode the range. The life of the cowboy was far from glamorous, involving long hard hours of labor, and poor living conditions.
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