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Copy of Youth on the Rise

No description

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Youth on the Rise

Youth on the Rise
Collective Impact for Opportunity Youth & Initial Phases of a Re-Engagement Center
Funding and Organization
Aspen Institute Grants
Matching Grants
Cross-Sector Partnerships
Backbone Organization (UWTSA)
Collective Impact Element #2
Shared Measurement

Determining Size and Scope
18,000 OY
5,389 16-19 Yr Old (58% w/no diploma)
Shared Outcomes and Indicators
Re-engagement, Educational Momentum, Career Connections, and Youth Development
ETO - For Evaluation, Case Management and Continuous Quality Improvement
Collective Impact Element #3
Mutually Reinforcing Activities
First GOAL!

Opening Re-Engagement Center #1
January 2015

For Information Contact: Dr. Deborah J. Garza Chavez, UWTSA, 520.903.3931 dgarzachavez@unitedwaytucson.org
Collective Impact Element #4
Continuous Communication

Monthly Youth on the Rise Large Collaborative Meetings
Workgroup Meetings in between Large Meetings
Email polling and sharing of opportunities
Using data to inform the conversation
Best Practice #1
Incorporate Youth Outreach

Tie to school district initiatives
Staff employ street level outreach
Peer level staff (Peer Navigator)
Youth Leadership Council act as face and voice of the re-engagement center
Use social media at the youth level
Best Practice #2
Provide Adequate and Trained Staff to Serve Youth - Trauma Informed Care

Peer Navigator
Behavioral Health Assessment
Case Manager
Academic Adviser
Workforce Specialist
Youth Leadership Coordinator
Collective Impact Element #1 - Shared Agenda
Build Consensus for Vision, Mission and Shared Outcomes
Why does this matter?
How does partnership benefit me?
What outcomes do we want to move?
HS Credential Attainment
Post-Secondary Enrollment
Post Secondary Credential/Certificate Attainment
Work readiness and Placement
Who else needs to be at the table?

Primary Strategy: Establish Re-Engagement Center
Co-located Services
Youth Development
Case Management
Reinforcing Activities
TUSD/Mayor's Office Steps to Success Event
AZ Earn to Learn
Referring Partners
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