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No description

Megan Fischer

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Eyeglasses

Megan Fischer
Taylor Pappalardo
Period 1 IED When Eyeglasses Where Invented and Who Invented Them: Around 1000 AD, an unknown inventor created a reading stone-a glass sphere that was laid on top of reading material to magnify the letters.

Around 1284, the first wearable pair of eyeglasses was created by Salvino D'Armate. Who Uses the Product: Most all adults and some children wear glasses
today to correct their vision. Existing Patents: Citations
Cited Patent Filing date Issue date Original Assignee Title
US1819738 Feb 23, 1928 Aug 18, 1931 SPECTACLES
US2481946 Apr 17, 1948 Sep 13, 1949 RETAINER FOR SPECTACLES
US2539922 Apr 19, 1949 Jan 30, 1951 SPECTACLE NECK SUPPORT
US3450467 Jul 15, 1966 Jun 17, 1969 DUAL GRIP SPECTACLES HOLDER
US3827790 Apr 26, 1973 1974 SPECTACLE HOLDER
US3874776 Apr 26, 1973 1975 RETAINER FOR EYEGLASSES
US3879804 Oct 7, 1974 Apr 2, 1975 NECK STRAP
US4133604 Aug 15, 1977 Jan 9, 1979 Eyeglass retainer
US4881803 Apr 22, 1988 Nov 21, 1989 Ornamental sunglasses retainer
US4930885 Sep 14, 1988 Jun 5, 1990 Eyeglasses with releasable headband support arrangement
US5268710 May 6, 1992 Dec 7, 1993 Children's sunglasses How Eyeglasses Were Made: What Manufacturing Process was Used: Improvements Made: Eyeglasses Disciplines of Engineering Most Important to the Invention of Eyeglasses: Timeline: Original Materials: Global Impact on Society: Ability to Change Product: Reference Page http://inventors.about.com/od/gstartinventions/a/glass_3.htm









http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-6249547-eyeglasses.php 13th Century
Master glass makers started making spectacles Monks started
making reading stones (cut in half transparent and polished spherical glass)

15th and 16th Century
Invention of concave lenses (cured nearsightedness) 17th Century
Glasses were hard to keep
on so they attached ribbon or string to them 18th Century
Side temples were added to the side of glasses 19th Century
Cylindrical and monocle lenses were introduced 20th Century
Fashion came in mind when glasses were being made 21st century
the first wallet size, pined nose eyeglasses were invented Some of the first materials that were used when the first eyeglasses were made were two small magnify glasses that were put into leather, metal, or copper. When the small glasses were put into the leather, or other materials, it world balance on the users nose. Primitive convex shaped glass/crystal stones wrapped in metal frames. Skilled glass makers would get metals, wood, bone, or some other material and places all magnify lenses in it so that it would fit the nose of the person buying it. Over the years, there have been many improvements made to eyeglasses. There have been glasses that made near materials see clearer and the same as far materials, new designs have been made to match the fashion of people. Now a days, there are glasses that change from indoor glasses to out side glasses by the glasses turning into sunglasses. In earlier times sides to glasses were put on so they stayed on your face. The improvements in glasses are countless. Why Improvements Were Made: Improvements to eyeglasses were made to fit the needs of people as technology becomes more advanced people want the daily stuff they use to become more advanced like all the other things they use. Also since technology has become more advanced people are able to create better products since they can use machines to help them make their product. Eyeglasses have made a huge impact on the world, the have allowed people, who can be considered legally blind, able to see almost perfectly. Ever since the first eyeglass was made, they have become more and more popular. Now a day’s almost all adults have glasses. These glasses have made seeing close and seeing far much easier for people. Since eyeglasses have become so in use in our society some places require you to have glasses or perfect lenses to do the job. Eye glasses are one of the most commonly used products on earth. If I had the ability to change eyeglasses make it where all you would have to do is snap the old pair out, then snap the new pair in by magnetism. Magnetism will allow quick and easy changing of lenses without having to unscrew anything or taking it to an eyeglass store to have them do it for you. A discipline of engineering that was important to the invention of eyeglasses is mechanical engineering. Someone had to construct the first pair of eyeglasses that they used. Another type of engineering that was used was civil engineering because someone had to design the first pair of eye glasses. When designing the first pair of eyeglasses the inventor had to figure out a way to magnify words by trial and error. And when they figured out the way to do that, they had to think of ways to make it better. The first recorded pair of glasses was made from two primitive convex shaped glass/crystal stones surrounded by a frame and given handles, which were then connected by a rivet.
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