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West Side Story

Drama P.4

Julia La Puma

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of West Side Story

Meghan Garrant, Julia LaPuma, Leonora Meroth, and Terren Mueller
Per.4 A Journey Through West Side Story Awards ACt 1 Plot 2 Maria is unaware of what has happened, and daydreams about her and Tony. Chino, a member of the Sharks, then tells Maria that Tony has killed Bernardo. She runs to her bedroom. Tony arrives, and she is initially mad, but is so much in love that she can see how it was an accident. ACT 2 PLOT 1 ACT 1 PLOT 1 •Two gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, battle for power in the neighborhood. The Jets are american and the Sharks are Puerto Rican.
•The gangs are warned to stop fighting/ holding such animosity between them by Officer Krupke and Lt. Schrank VIDEO:
Officer Krupke VIDEO:
America VIDEO:


LYRICS BY: STEPHEN SONDHEIM Best Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role Best Art Direction Best Set Decoration Best Color Best Cinematography Best Costume Design Best Picture! Best Director Best Film Editing Best Music Best Scoring of a Musical Picture Best Sound •The Jets’ leader Riff plans to confront the Shark’s leader Bernardo and challenge him at a dance in the neighborhood
•Riff convinces his old friend and prior member of the Jets, Tony, to come with him to the dance. Tony agrees to go but he wants no part in the gangs. Riff wants Tony to come with him while they hold a war meeting to decide where to hold the "rumble" •Maria , sister of the Shark's leader Bernardo, has just arrived from Puerto Rico and is going
to the dance•Tony and Maria see each
other at the dance challenge and find
themselves drawn to each other. Tony is
intrigued with Maria and then
later serenades her outside of her window.
He shows up on her fire escape and the two
tell each other they love the other. •Maria and Tony meet and dream up their wedding. Maria is concerned about the fight the Sharks and Jets planned at the dance however, and asks Tony to prevent it from happening.
•He agrees and the gangs prepare for a rumble... As Anita comes into Maria's apartment, Tony leaves and tells her to meet him at Docs place so they can run away together. Anita realizes that she has been with Tony and they get in a huge fight. Anita then realizes how much Maria loves Tony. As Maria is questioned about her brother's death, Anita goes to Docs to tell Tony to wait for Maria. She is there greeted by the Jets, who shower her with racist slurs, and begin to physically assault her. Doc breaks up the fight. Frightened and raging, she tells the Jets that Chino has shot Maria and killed her. ACT 2 PLOT 2 VIDEO:
Gee Officer Krupke After the Jets mock Officer Krupke, Anybody, a "tomboy"
who wants to be part of the Jets, reports to the Jets that Chino plans to kill Tony with a gun. She heard this while spying on the Sharks. With this piece of information, she is accepted into the gang, and told to search for and warn Tony. When Tony arrives at Docs place, Doc relates this information to Tony. He sets out to find Chino, and to beg to be killed as well to truly join Maria... Thanks For Watching We Hope You Enjoyed The Sharks and Jets agree to hold a war counsel that night. As the Sharks go home, Anita, Bernado's girlfriend and Maria's best friend, "reminisces" about how Puerto Rico was After Riffs death, the dejected Jets try to make light
of the situation by mocking the police officer Krupke. Tony arrives at the fight and tries to prevent it. Bernardo taunts Tony. Riff returns to the fight and engages with Bernardo but dies in the process. Tony, in a rage, kills Bernardo. The gangs leave and only the bodies of Bernardo and Riff remain.
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