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Semrit Grewal

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Alcohol

Alcohol Other Names for Alcohol? Booze Wasted? So is your life. What is Alcohol? A depressant Hooch Slows down the Central Nervous System What happens if you drink Alcohol? Decision-making is effected Decreases sperm production in men Brain and nerve damage Slower reflexes Before you pick up that drink, think about... Parents Friends Peers Siblings Your future ? Stay away from Binge drinking! What is Binge Drinking? Drinking 5 or more alcoholic drinks in a night. BINGE DRINKER What are the Symptoms I can get if I Binge Drink? Higher risk of sexual assault Headache Vomiting loss of control over body Unclear vision Alcohol poisoning Death Coma Stroke ... and more slow reaction time shakiness Unconsciousness 12-19 year old Canadians binge drink Males from 18-24 binge drink the most. Prove them wrong! +12 times a year! Around alcohol-related deaths in Canada each year! 6700 Most of the school is not the legal drinking age! 18 There is no need to drink ! It is a waste of... Time Money Life Semrit Grewal
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