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6D Asia Collin Towe, Seth Harris, D'arron Wiggons

No description

Collin Towe

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of 6D Asia Collin Towe, Seth Harris, D'arron Wiggons

#1:What were the most popular
BY: Collin Towe,Seth Harris, D'Aaron Wiggins
Standard 6.6.1 Locate and describe the origins of chinese civilization in the Huang-He Valley during the Shang Dynasty.
The Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty culture
#2:what is the capital for the shang dynasty
#3: how many advisers did the emperor chose to be bared with
During special ceremonies the Shang used millet and special pottery to hold wine. On the ceremonial vases there many symbols on the vases but the most popular symbols are animals and dragons.
Sometimes in Shang tombs there is more than one or two dead bodies and animals. In one tomb there is 45complete skeletons
fun fact: archeologist fond 4000 yards of the great wall in the shang dynasty period
fun facts the shang made coins the bigger the coin the more
its worth

1. Used pg. 256-261 S.,Yetta "A message of Ancient Days" Houghton Mifflin Company. Boston. 1989
2.Used pg. 282-283 Heart, Diane Ancient Civilizations. 2006.
3.Used pg. 11-30, Bamber Gascoigne, The Dynastys And Treasures of China
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