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Suneil & Enand Cell Project

dedi to that guy who helps us in class its his bday!

suneil samra

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Suneil & Enand Cell Project

The Animal Cell

Cytoplasm - Rivers
The liquid portion of the cell that contains water, dissolves substances, and surrounds the organelles-
or in this case city.
Ribosomes - Supermarket
Site of Protein Synthesis.
Centrioles - Hospital
Made of microtubules active during cell division, exclusive to the animal cell.
Nucleus - City Hall
Controls all cellular activities, including reproduction, it also contains DNA.
Nucleolus - Food Supplier to the Supermarkets
part of nucleus & it assembles and produces ribosomes.
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum - McDonalds
Produces fats (just like McDonalds), plus detoxity
Lysosome - Recycling trucks
Digests food (intracellular digestion and contains Hydrolytic Enzymes.
Vacuole - Large
Storage Warehouse
Large membrane-bound containers that store water, nutrients, etc.
Vesisicles - Small storage Warehouses
Small vacuoles that store nutrients.
Mitocondrion - Power Plant

Produces ATP energy and uses glucose and oxygen.
Nuclear Membrane -City Hall Gates
Surrounds nucleus and allows material in and out of the nucleus.
Animal Cell - City
Golgi Complex - Delivery Service
processes, packages, secretes protein.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum - Highways
Protein synthesis occurs here and send raw proteins to where they are needed in cell.
Cell Membrane -
City Walls
Controls what goes in and out of the cell, made of phospholipids.
We compared the animal cell to a city for our analogy.
By: Suneil & Enand
Thanks for watching!
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