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The POM+ Project

No description

joseph yeow

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of The POM+ Project

Joseph Yeow Zhong Xin
Matthew Hannibal
Emma Mulkearns
Chris Saunders
Yasik Krepak
Joshua Taylor The POM+ Project POM+ Project 135 Days Gantt Chart Task Durations and predecessors relationship Work breakdown structure Network Diagram Critical Path and Sensitivity Analysis Milestones Over allocation 1.Time Leveling
2. Resource Leveling How Do We Solve It? Time Leveling 135 Days BEFORE LEVELING AFTER TIME LEVELING Advantages and drawbacks RESOURCE Leveling BEFORE Resources 135 Days 135 Days 140 Days AFTER Time levelling Before After Resource Leveling 140 Days! HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Project S-Curve ANALYSING THE CASHFLOW Where Are These Costs
Focused? 140 Days! $1’692’000
Purely labor cost This much. Baseline Actual Looking closer Tracking Gantt Chart 4 (Lowest cost) 3 2 1 (Highest cost) Where Are These Costs
Focused? Planned Value Looking closer Actual Baseline Nutrition Report:

Shelf Life Report: Completion Estimates Activity Performance Nutrition Report
Shelf Life Report
Production Trials
Secure Fruit Suppliers
Quality Trials
Market Testing
Complete FDA certification Poorly Well Behind schedule but better cost effeciency Progress Status report 2
As at 31/5/2012 Pom+ Project Completion Estimates PCIB VS PCIC EV/BAC


0.294 (29%) PCIB PCIC Earned Value Equipment Rehab Time Shelf Life Report
Nutrition Report On Track Cost Nutrition Report:
Shelf Life Report: Over-Cost and Behind Schedule! Project Progress Earned Value Pom+ Project Status Report 1
As at 31/3/2012 Efficient Inefficient Need survey
Set product specs Set product specs
Need survey Behind Schedule PV AC EV AC/EAC


0.294 (29%) Need survey
Set production specs
Equipment rehab PV AC EV PCIB VS PCIC EV/BAC


0.704 (70%) PCIC PCIB AC/EAC


0.704 (70%) THANK YOU! Project start Set product specs Production trials Project end Initial production phase Negative cost and schedule variance negative schedule variance but positive cost variance Nutrition report
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