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Human compared to Dolphin Nervous System

For Mrs. Sharf 2nd Period

Ethan Knecht

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Human compared to Dolphin Nervous System

Dolphin Human A Dolphin Nervous System Compared to a Human Nervous System The dolphin nervous system
is vey simular to that of the human
nervous system. One big difference is
that the brain of the dolphin is at the same level of the
spinal cord. But I have found the brain sizes to be simular. The
reach of the system is simular in many ways, but different
in the sense that it seems that the body is outlined by the nervous system. By: Ethan Knecht budd-eaze.com contmediausa.com My Google Images Websites The nervous system
is the system that controls all the motions, feelings, and actions of the human body. First: The Animoto Now: The Prezi
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