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High Country WDB Annual Report Summary

A brief summary of HCWDB activities from July 2011-June 2012

Adrian Tait

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of High Country WDB Annual Report Summary

The Board
Stacie's story
Annual performance
A focus on business
New initiatives
Looking ahead Lowe's - Re-inventing business services
Avery County alternative school
Wilkes JobLink renovation
Finalizing new strategic plan
Coordinated outreach efforts
Email newsletter
Facebook & Twitter •Changing the culture of service delivery to align with private sector standards;
•Creating a new, physical concept that’s inviting, flexible and business-like;
•Using technology to expand access to employment and training resources;
•Forging a unique public/private partnership to help build the capacity of the system;
•Being proactive and responsive to business needs;
•Creatively leveraging community resources; and
•Most important, focusing on results that mean something to the community. The makeup of the High Country Workforce Development Board Annual performance numbers 40,000 "core services" provided resumes, job search, referals, interview prep, computer classes, job fairs, skills assessments, career advice, GED assistance, recruitment, Stacie PY2011 Annual Report Summary

Development Board High Country Workforce High Country Region New appointment this program year 7 new members!
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