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Lucijana Brkic

on 23 July 2018

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Project leaders:
Željko DODIG
Our team
Our team consists of: 7 tennis coaches, 2
physical trainers, 2 physiotherapists, 1
mental coach (psychologist), and 10 staff
All of our staff members are well educated
and certified professionals, specialized in
serving all of our club members needs.
Our mission
Our mission is to encourage and inspire
players to become true champions, as we
strive to create the environment and
provide the coaching to enable our
students to pursue excellence in tennis
and in life.
Our first generation of advanced junior players.
Josip Pehar, Marin Čilić, Dragan Barbarić, Mladen Dodig,
Ivan Dodig, Boris Barbarić
Each of them became tennis professionals!
Our present
Our history
Today, TCM is an elite junior training
center and tennis academy with more than
300 active members. It has become the
leading tennis training institution for junior
players in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
wh we are?

Tennis Club Međugorje (TCM) was founded in 1988. as a section of the “Sport association Međugorje”.
The club became an independent organization in 1995. when the first training was organized with only 3
attendants on a single court under private ownership.
Since then, around 1000 children passed through our training center, whereof many became professional tennis players, such as Marin Čilić and Ivan Dodig.
Both started their careers right here and thereby became a
sample for the many junior players to follow.
Marin Čilić & Ivan Dodig
Marin Čilić, ATP career-high world no.6 in singles, holds 16 titles whereof 1Grand Slam title in singles and is the recipient
of 2016 Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award after launching Marin Čilić Foundation on June 25, 2016 to provide young people improved access to education.

Ivan Dodig, career-high ATP rankings are world no.2 in
doubles (2015) and no.29 in singles (2013). He has won a
total of 16 titles whereof one Grand Slam in doubles.
Both today members of the elite top 100 player’s society have
started playing and developed their professional tennis skills
at Tennis Club Međugorje.

The Davis Cup presents the world’s largest annual
international team competition in sport. Marin and Ivan are
both members of the Croatian Davis Cup Team. While Marin
competes as the team's first choice single player, Ivan
presents the team's first choice double and third choice single.
They both also competed at the Olympic Games.
powered by
Čilić, Dodig, Brkić
Our training facilities are
located within the
beautiful professional
Sport Center in
Our facilities
Our focus
Our organization
• Tomo Brkić BiH (DC BIH, ATP BR: 212)
• Franjo Raspudić CRO (DC BIH, ATP BR: 634)
• Antun Pehar BIH (ATP BR: 1901)
• Matteo Žunjić Herrmann GER (ATP BR: 1993)
• Mile Matić CRO (CNT-U16, TE-U14: 20, NRBIH:3)
• Filip Džakula BIH (BNT-U18, NRBIH: 1)
• Hamza Šantić BiH (BNT-U18, NRBIH: 1)
• Ante Zovko CRO (NRBIH:5)
• Ajdin Muharemović BIH (BNT-U14, NRBIH:1)
• Edi Mulalić BIH (BNT-U12, NRBIH:1)
• Kerim Subašić BIH (BNT-U16, NRBIH:3)
• Marko Galić CRO (NRC-U16:3, NRBiH:1)
• Ema Mulalić BIH (BNT-U18, NRBIH:3)
• Lajla Ćemalović BIH (BNT-U18, NRBIH:1)
• Ena Rako BIH (BNT-U14, NRBIH:1)

Our goal
Tennis Club Međugorje has set the
goal to develop its newly formed
Sportland academy to one of Europe's
leading tennis academies within the
next five years and continue to
popularize tennis sport in Bosnia and
Headed by highly experienced tennis
trainers and supported by world class
players, the Academy will aim to
expand the facilities and create
innovative new programs to support
the development of tennis
professionals, as well as to motivate
recreational players of all levels.
Project leaders: Mladen DODIG
Božidar GALIĆ
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Tennis education
- Marin Čilić's ex assistent coach and manager
- ITF level 2 coach
- GPTCA C level coach
Tennis education
- President and head coach in TC Međugorje
- Ivan Dodig assistent coach
- ITF level 2 coach
- GPTCA C level coach
- ITF level 2 chair umpire
- GPTCA C level coach
Tennis education
- Tomislav Brkić assistent coach
- ITF level 2 coach
- ITF level 2 chair umpire
Project leaders (PL) duties:
TC Međugorje duties:
- give project leaders exclusive rights to represet sportland project in their country (contract)
- promote project leaders on web page
- make visit cards and official partners clothes
- make plan for clubs and coaches
- pay 100€/year to TC Međugorje to be apart of this project
PL rights:
- exclusive sole agents of Sportland project in their country
- build a network of tennis clubs and coaches
- as network is bigger, the profit is bigger
- special discount for Solinco, Head and Babolat equipment
Tennis clubs duties
- make a contract with PL
- pay 100€/year to PL to be a partner with Sportland BA

Tennis clubs rights
- use Sportland BA programs and coaches in their club
- special discount for Solinco, Head and Babolat equipment
Tennis coaches duties
- make a contract with PL
- pay month amount to be a part of Sportland BA: 1-10 kids = 25€
11-20 kids = 50€
21-30 kids = 75€
31- more = 100€
Tennis coaches rights:
- Sportland BA program
- official partner clothes and visit cards
- job opportunity in other countries
We focus on offering world class tennis
trainings; technical and mental guidelines;
and character development tools, to all of
our junior players, as well as high quality
education to our staff members, generally
help them to reach their personal and
professional goals and results.

Sportland BA academy achievments
College players former achievments:

• Josip Smoljan (NRBIH: 2)
• Marino Alpeza (NRBIH: 1)
• Mile Čilić (NRBIH: 1)
• Jelena Đordan (NRBIH: 1)
• Anja Bebić (NRCRO: 1)
• Marija Zovko (NRBIH: 3)
• Filip Kešina (NRCRO: 10)
Sportland LUX plan
- cooperation with LUX clubs using the Sportland program
- helping them with with coaches and sponsors
- organizing camps
- use the Sportland BA platform
- make a network with other Sportland leaders and organizations
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