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2014 Products Group

No description

Benjamin McDonald

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of 2014 Products Group

2014 Products Group

Total Revenue Generated: $ 565,993
AX 2012: $77,550
Work Center Execution: $58,050
Console: $51,300
Additional Users: $6,750
Prod Staging & Consumption: $19,500
User Preferences workflow: $0
Label Free Form workflow: $0

AX 2009: $0
Labor Management Reporting: $0

Print Suite Bridge: $0
Product Owner Customer Visits
Customer Roadshow
Created Dept R

Refocused Pete

Studied Lean Startup (and others)

Considering Delivery Innovation Team

Currently using Dept R to backfill on NetSuite team as we ramp up RFS for NetSuite product investment
Innovation Process
Still evolving, but stabilizing
Have discovered lots that doesn't work
Comfortable with current direction

ERP Market Research
1 ruled out (for now) - Kenandy
2 under investigation - Oracle Cloud / Plex
5 more on backlog

Problem / Solution Experiments
8 Completed
2 kills (LMR for AX2012 - RTM/R2; Daxeam)
5 graduates (WCR, LMR AX'09, PSB, Telnet for WHS, RFS for AX'12 WHS, PAD/PAM for WHS)
4 under consideration (Packing for NS, Warehouse Insight, RFS Support Monitor, PM Lite)
10 on backlog
Visit Customers, Find new problems to solve
Minimizing development without customer involvement is part of our SMaC recipe.

We have a renewed focus on listening to our customers.

Based on the problems found we have created prototypes and are validated them with customers via interviews and webinars.

We've leverage conferences to gain additional customer interview time.

Goal Status: ON TARGET
$600k in new products
With AX 2012 R3 looming upon us we figured we needed to make products that would replace lost revenue.

We speculated that if we could generate $600k, we would be headed in a good direction.

Goal Status: ON TARGET
Implement Innovation Process
Prior to 2014, R&D was a whole bunch of D and not much R. So we made some organizational changes and set out to implement a new process.
Build products that would generate $600k in new revenue for 2014

NIHITO - visit customers, find problems

Implement Innovation Process
* When these goals were created, Bill's group was not part of Products
$ 455,093
$ 317,262
$ 38,657
$ 278,605
$ 137,831
$ 49,754
$ 61,147
Pete visited 10 by March and is averaging 1-2 / month since

Matt / George are visiting customers as part of learning process
Michael / Ben just finished visiting 10 customers in 5 days
During conferences we are conducting interviews and showing off new prototypes
Goal Status: Behind Schedule, slower and tougher than I expected
2014 has been a year of significant change for the Products group, but I feel confident that we are making the right moves to be the engine of growth for ICS.
Under Consideration for 2015
WMS Lite Putaway
LMR improvements
Manufacturing ShopFloor 2015
Learn MAF / Support Services on MAF projects
Build out our RFS for AX'12 WHS solution
WCE improvements (Martin Sprocket)
Add functionality to capture quality activities
Begin looking at Rainier
Own the manufacturing area
Continue to grow functional footprint based on market demand
Complete our Packing / Shipping story
Multi language support
Add another ERP ecosystem
Create IoT sensors to collect data
Our own hardware
Create MAF based Mobile Apps
Execute on our Big Data play
Improvements to Print Suite Bridge
Delivery Innovation Team
Rest of Year Scheduling
Next Week (Nov 10th - 14th)
Products group planning meeting
Working with a $2.9 MM target (up 11%)
Pete P., Jeff W., Matt S, George G, Chris M, Shay A, Chris G., Bill S, Ben M.
re:Invent Conference (Matt S. / Phil)
Pete and Ben to Oracle
Nathan gets married (Nov 8th)!!!
Rest of November
Nov 19-20: Management Retreat
Nov 27-28: Thanksgiving (office closed)
Dec 1: US West Grand Opening event
Dec 1-5: InFocus Conf (Bill / Jeff)
Dec 7-12: Lean Startup Conf (Pete / Ben)
Dec 19: US East Christmas lunch (half day)
Dec 24-25: Christmas Break (office closed)
Early 2015
Jan 6-9: 2015 Sales Kickoff
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