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Family Festivus Party Invitation

For the rest of us.

Esther Dwyer DeBusk

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of Family Festivus Party Invitation

You're invited to What is Festivus? A HESA
Family Festivus
Party! The two central
norms of Festivus celebration The Airing
of Grievances Feats of Strength There will be a small fire in the backyard in which written or symbolic grievances can be "aired" The number 1 rule of grievance
airing: when it's in, it's done.
no need to continue talking about it.
(at least for the night) TBA. Important note:
Attempting to air
a grievance inside
the house will get
you sent outside
to take care of it. meaning
filter Self-Authorship
Opportunities If you want, you can do any of the following:
Bring food Bring beverages (nog provided)
Bring your holiday karaoke A-game
Bring anyone
Dress it up Wear an ugly sweater
Give input for anything about
the event beforehand Tchotchke
Gift Exchange Bring something that did not cost you any money and fulfills one
of the following scholarly definitions of Tchotchke:
What Gretchen Metzelaars said in Jen's class (Metzelaars, 2012, personal communication)

We'll play a game and all leave with
new tchotchke.
Don't forget. December 12th, 7:30
119 Clinton Heights
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