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Policy Design SWOT

No description

Katie Brunette

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Policy Design SWOT

Policy Design SWOT
By: Kathleen Brunette

Better patient education
Lower readmission rates
Improved HCAHPS-patient satisfaction
Patient interaction with health care plan
Floor nurses more available to their patients
Efficient education delivery
Additions to payroll
Existing staff shortages
Lack of budgeting for new positions
Flexible scheduling for ARNP/MSN/BSN
Healthier community
More availability to patients
Increased reimbursement, $96-317.5 per critical care patient (Munro, 2013).
positive role model for other community health care facilities
Insufficient funding in inpatient hospital settings
Large percentage of uninsured Americans
Increased benefit costs
Salary competition between inpatient/outpatient/private care facilities

Harrison, J. P. (2010). Essentials of strategic planning in healthcare. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.
Morrison, M. (2011, October 30). SWOT Analysis in Nursing & Health care. Retrieved from https://rapidbi.com/swot-analysis-in-nursing-health-care/
Munro, N. (2013). What Acute Care Nurse Practitioners Should Understand About Reimbursement. AACN Advanced Critical Care, 24(3), 241-244. doi:10.1097/nci.0b013e31829bb6a8
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