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TPPA - It's Our Future

No description

Alanna Irving

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of TPPA - It's Our Future

the Trans-Pacific
Partnership The New Zealand government is
negotiating an international agreement called If it goes ahead, we risk... We would also be committing to special new rights for overseas investors Despite the impact a completed TPP would have on New Zealanders New Zealand's laws Instead of just dealing with the movement of products So what exactly is the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement? The TPP would also give foreign investors the power to sue the government in secretive international tribunals medicines costing more and to giving those investors the power to sue our government for making laws that they oppose the negotiations are taking place in secret with no possibility of public oversight If the negotiations are concluded it will be an international treaty environmental protection the main focus of the TPP is to create an attractive environment for overseas companies who want to operate
in New Zealand
(and the 10 other countries) that could have a huge
effect on the lives
of ordinary kiwis otherwise known as
the TPP or TPPA the labelling of genetically
modified foods being scrapped internet access being criminalised

parallel importing being banned and te Tiriti o Waitangi being overridden To make
worse... between New Zealand nine other countries on the Asia-Pacific rim the United States It is often described as a trade agreement but in reality it is about much more than trade like cars or butter between countries In practice,
what this will
mean is... public health intellectual property economic regulation to make it easier for foreign investors to make money off New Zealanders will be restricted if they claim that changes in law or policy have caused a substantial loss to their New Zealand investments. This process is called
Investor State Dispute Settlement if it goes ahead our government will always be looking over its shoulder to make sure it isn't risking a law suit from foreign companies (especially America's). If the TPP is signed... it will bind future governments to a set of rules designed in the interests of big business,
not those of ordinary New Zealanders We live in a democracy it is unacceptable that important decisions are being made behind our back It's Our Future and we want a say Learn more and
take action by visiting
ItsOurFuture.org.nz and Kia ora!
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