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The Olympics and their Affect on the World

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Brandon Bowers

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Olympics and their Affect on the World

Nazi, Germany Melbourne, Australia Munich, Germany Boycott Tortured Athletes Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany Hitler used the games as a chance to show the
world the superiority of the Aryan race. German athletes were provided with better
service and more practice times. The US dominated the events and Hitler was reported
to have left the stadium when the medals were awarded
to the American atheletes. Hitler showed a lack of respect to The Olympic
Games by involving politics. 1956 Olympic Games Cold War Era A few weeks before the games, Russia attacked Hungary.
This action infuriated Spain and The Netherlands in which
they then refused to attend the games. Also, within these few weeks the British and French bombed
Egypt. There was tension over who owned the Suez Canal. During the games, Castro and his communist followers attacked
and took control of Cuba. These events caused great anger at a time that should
have been a time of peace and unity. 1972 Olympic Games One of the most horrific events in Olympic history
occurred during the games. Palestinian terrorists invaded the Olympic Village and
attacked the Israeli Olympic team. Several were killed at the scene and nine athletes were taken hostage. After many hours of negotiations the situation eventually ended up in a blood bath. One German police officer was killed, most of the terrorists were killed and all nine of the hostages were murdered. 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, Russia 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angelos, US A year before the 1980 games, Russia attacked and invaded Afghanistan. This action caused the United States to lead a boycott of the games. Americans were not permitted to attend the games and were even threatened to have their passport taken away. Many other countries followed suit. In fact, sixty-five nations did not show up to participate. The 1984 games in Los Angeles, United States were boycotted by the Russians in retaliation. However, it was not very successful and only Russia and a few other countries ended up going through with the boycott. Occurred during Saddam Hussein's reign Iraqi national soccer team Every game that was lost or even a draw, the team was tortured and punished. Saddam's eldest son, Uday, was in charge of the Iraqi Olympic affairs. He was also the one who led all of the tortures. All of this information of mass torture and humiliation was known by many. Several countries notified and complained to the IOC. However the Olympic Committee appeared to show no signs of punishing Iraq for their inhumane acts. Need a New Path The Olympic Games have always been a great past time. Athletes from all over the world have come to participate in the events and bring pride and honor to their respective countries. Today this idea of unity and global unification has more or less been continued. However, at times this concept has been tainted. These hostile acts may not have been caused by the Olympics, but the politics and aggressive nature of the relations between certain countries have brought anguish to the world. The Ancient Greeks always made a goal and rule that politics should not be involved in the Olympic Games. The world today should honor and respect these values and traditions. The Olympics and their Affect on the World
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