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The Crucible

No description

Avery Janiga

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of The Crucible

The Crucible
Plot Summaries
Act I
The act begins in Reverend Parris's home in the small upstairs bedroom that belongs to his daughter Betty. Inside the room Parris is weeping over the body of his daughter who lay in bed as if she were unconscious. Parris's slave Tituba enters and asks if Betty has gotten better, Parris tells her to leave his sight. Following that his 17 year old niece enters, Abigail. She says that Susanna Walcott has arrived. Susanna says that the doctor cannot find a cure for Betty, he thinks that this is unnatural and she has been bewitched. Abigail and Parris start to talk about the witchcraft suspicion rising in the village. Someone mentions they saw the girls running around naked and dancing in the forest, more assumptions begin to arise that Betty is under the influence of a witch. The townsfolk begin to come up with stories that seem suspicious, considering the witchcraft assumptions.
Act II
This act begins with Elizabeth and John Proctor, they are in an argument that shows they don't communicate well together. Then we are informed that John had an affair with Abigail Williams. Allso Mary Warren had bad news about the people who are condemned to hang; 39 people have been arrested for the accusation of practicing witchcraft. Salem has begun to worry more about the evil spirits. Everyone fears Abigail, she is the decider on who is a witch and who is not. Abigail does not like Elizabeth so she created a plan to frame her. More cases appear in the courtroom about witchcraft.
Takes place mainly in the courtroom. Proctor was accused of witchcraft. Martha Corey is questioned, John Proctor finds out Elizabeth is pregnant which spares her from being hanged. Proctor admits he had an affair with Abigail to Danforth in the court. Mary Warren is accused
by Abigail and Mary pleads guilty to avoid being hanged. Elizabeth pleads that John is not guilty of cheating on her, although she never lies she has to lie to protect her husbands name. Hale begins to think that accusing people of witchcraft is ridiculous and doesn't want to be part of it anymore. Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey are put in jail.

Act IV
Reverend Hale has been in the jail cell trying to convince the convicted to confess, he feels guilty that he accused people and like he is the reason they were killed. Abigail and Mercy Lewis have stolen all Parris's money and boarded a ship. Hale tries to postpone the hangings, they try to get Elisabeth to convince John to confess but she refuses. Elizabeth confesses that it is partially her fault that John cheated on her. Giles Corey was pressed to death for refusing to answer to his indictment. John Proctor rips up the confession paper he signed. The town of Andover had riots and rebelled against witchcraft trials.
The doll
It symbolizes the change of good to bad, or bad to good. Its typically a sign of innocence, but in Salem it is a sign of evil.
The stones
The stones were used to force information out of Giles, because he refused to answer to his indictment. The stones symbolize the weight of Salem's sins ruining the great town it could be.
Elizabeth Proctors pregnancy
Elizabeth was accused of witchcraft as well but because she announced she was with child her life was spared. The pregnancy is a symbol of hope in the town.
The boiling Cauldron
The cauldron was mentioned when Abigail, Tituba, and some other girls were found dancing naked in the woods with a cauldron full of stuff. This symbolizes the wildness and oppression of young girls in Salem.
The girls are caught in
the woods.
Abigail accuses Tituba of witchcraft
and she confesses.
The girls caught dancing in the woods
all begin accusations of witchcraft towards all the women in the town.
Betty has mysteriously fallen "ill"
John and Elizabeth Proctor argue about
John's affair with Abigail.
Mary Warren is a member of the court,
and gives Elizabeth a poppet as a gift.
Hale asks John to recite the 10 commandments but John forgets the one about adultery.
Elizabeth is arrested and taken to jail because of the poppet incident.
Proctor is accused of witchcraft, and is taken away.
John admits to his affair with Abigail to the court,
however when Elizabeth is questioned she denies it in order to protect her husband.
Abigail accuses Marry Warren of attacking her in the form of a yellow bird.
Hale realizes that he is the reason for the deaths of the people and he doesn't want anything to do with it anymore.
Hale tries to convince the convicted to confess.
Abigail and Susanna took all of Parris's money and boarded a ship.
Giles Corey is crushed to death by rocks that were piled on top of him.
Character Webs
The Proctors
John Procter
Had an affair with Abigail Williams.
Accused of being a witch.
Exposes Abigail as fraud.
The Parris's
Daughter/ Father
The Putnam's
Ruth Putnam
only child of Ann and Thomas Putnam
The Corey's
Martha Corey
wife of Giles
never appears on stage
The Nurse's
wife to John
Hates Abigail
Accused of witchcraft but is spared because she announces she is pregnant.
Elizabeth Procter
Servant to the Proctor's
accused of witchcraft
becomes a member of the court.
saves Elizabeth's name in the court.
Mary Warren
Reverend Parris's 17-year-old niece
In love with John Proctor
Had an affair with John Proctor while she worked as a servant in the Proctor's home.
Started the Witch trials
Abigail Williams
Slave to the Parris's
Originally from Barbados
Parris blames her for what goes on in the house
As a black female slave she is the lowest rung of society
Catches Abigail, Betty, and Tituba along with some other girls dancing naked in the woods.
He is very paranoid that he will lose all of his money and very self absorbed.
Reverend Parris
Easily influenced by Abigail and the other girls.
Is caught dancing in the woods
Is a conspirator with Abby and the other girls out for revenge.
Becomes "ill" after being caught in the woods.
Betty Parris
The Husband of Ann
one of the richest farmers/landowners in all of Salem.
bitter man, who feels disrespected.
seeks respect and revenge
Thomas Putnam
Wife of Thomas
she is as bitter as her husband
only one of the babies she has given birth to has survived.
Ann Putnam
A teenage girl
servant to the Putnam family
Abigail Williams's closest friend
Mercy Lewis
A farmer who owns a farm near Salem
an old man, somewhat of a rascal
very brave and moral heart
involved in numerous court cases and lawsuits over the years
married to Martha
Giles Corey
A wealthy farmer and landowner in Salem
husband of Rebecca
considered a goods man by the Salem community
has had fights with Thomas Putnam
Francis Nurse
Deputy Governor of Massachusetts
believes he has the ability to distinguish truth from fiction.
he believes that those who disagree with him as suspect.
believes anyone who disagrees with him might be working "against God"
Deputy Governor Danforth
A court clerk during the Salem Witch Trials
Ezekiel Cheever
An arrogant and unpleasant Salem judge who considers the puritan government absolutely right and just.
a representative of the government
believes in the perfection of his own wisdom and judgement
Judge Hathorne
Wife of Francis
beloved and admired figure in Salem
religious and has good sense
served as a midwife at many births
Rebecca Nurse
Salem's town marshal
Marshal Herrick
Mrs. Osburn
one of the women Tituba first identifies as a witch
served as a midwife for three of Mrs. Putnum's ill-fated deliveries
town drunk
begs wherever she can
Sarah Good
Abigail 's friend
robs Parris and flees with Abigail.
Susanna Walcott
Character Letters
Abigail Williams to John Proctor
Why do you pretend as if nothing happened between us? Don't you love me? Elizabeth is spreading rumors about me in the town. I fear she will blacken my name. She hates me! Why do you stay with her?
You told me you aren't happy with her but you bow to her. Don't you remember how happy we were together?
Why would you throw that all away? Was I not good enough? Am I supposed to ignore you and pretend as if nothing happened? I cannot.
John Procter to Abigail Williams
Why do you wish to hold onto something that isn't real? What happened between is was a mistake. I am a married man with children. Elizabeth is the one I love. I regret being unfaithful to her, what happened between us was a mistake and it will not happen again.
You need to realize that. This little joke is no longer amusing. You know how serious witchcraft is taken and false accusations against people for the sake of getting attention is not right.
You are a child and they may believe you now but once they find out what a fraud you are you will be hanged in the center of town for all the lives you've so selfishly taken.

About The Author
Arthur Miller was born in Harlem, New York 1915. He attended the University of Michigan before he moved back east to produce plays for stage. He was married three times and died in 2005 at the age of 89.
He was raised in a moderately wealthy household until his family lost almost everything in the Wall Street Crash of 1929. They moved from the Upper East Side in Manhattan to Gravesend, Brooklyn.
After graduating high school Miller worked a few odd jobs to raise enough money to attend college. While in college he finished his first play and wrote for the student paper.
Miller was a very successful plau writer, his works will live on forever, he will never be forgotten.
Personal Review
The Crucible is a well thought out story with a little bit of everything. There is romance between Abigail Williams and John Proctor, the horror of the hangings, the suspense while wondering who will be accused next, it's a brilliant story that will always be remembered.
My favorite part is the end where everyone begins to wonder if the girls are actually seeing these spirits or if it is all an act.
I can kind of relate to this book because I have two younger sisters. We don't always get along and it's always about sisterly revenge.
News Report
Witch hunt has broken out in Salem! Accusations of witchcraft have killed hundreds of women so far! How long will this last? No one is safe! Don't trust anyone until this is over! Keep your heads down, many women have been hung in the town already, Mr. Giles Corey has been pressed to death by a pile of rock put upon him for not confessing. If you know anything please tell the authorities as soon as possible!
Venn Diagram
Elizabeth Proctor
Abigail Williams
Married to John Proctor
respected in by the people in Salem
hates Abigail
accused of witchcraft
both love the same man
they both hate each other
both want revenge on the other
they both live in the end
Had an affair with John Proctor
hates Elizabeth
has a bad name in the town
flees from Salem with friend Susanna Walcott
Diary Entry
Dear Diary,
Today Uncle caught us in the woods,
dancing, unclothed around a cauldron
full of strange ingredients Tituba put in.
It was a spell that was supposed to make
whoever you want love you. I am un-
sure if he saw Betty and I but I fear we
could be in serious trouble. -Abigail
September 15th, 1692
September 18th, 1692
Dear Diary,
It has been a few days since I last
wrote. Uncle Parris did see us in the
woods, Betty fell "ill", little coward.
She's playing possum because she
doesn't want to be punished
So we blamed it on witchcraft.
September 21st, 1962
Dear Diary,
They still believe we were under the
influence of the devil. We have accused
many women so far. The next one will be
Elizabeth Proctor. She will pay for her
rumors about me that shes been spread-
ing around Salem. We will see who John
really loves after I'm done with her. She
will hang for her lies.
By: Arthur Miller
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