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Soft Skills

BUS 305 presentation

The Winners

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Soft Skills

Prepared for:
Brian T. Moynihan
CEO, Bank of America SOFT SKILLS
and Recommendations Background: High IQ doesn't always mean success at work... Bank of America has several ongoing issues between customers and employees, and employees and upper-level management, revolving around a lack of soft skills. Stress- an opportunity or threat? Our brains work better when
functioning in a positive state Someone with a positive attitude is one step ahead of their competition! An optimistic mindset is contagious... Courtesy Responsibility Symbolizes manners, etiquette , business etiquette, gracious and respectfulness among others. The individual or organization is intending to be held accountable for their actions. Creating a courteous and respectful communication culture increases the ability of gaining and retaining customers. Recommendations Manners are simple gestures that describe the way a person is. Customers have the opportunity to choose
where and when to spend their time and
money. Why is the Overall Satisfaction Rating only 1% fully satisfied customers? By being responsible, it shows that you can be a dependable person.

Recognizing and performing one’s work responsibility is generally regarded as an essential part of a strong soft skill in career. Management can control this ethical behavior in the workplace by holding everyone accountable. Positive Attitude Questions or comments? Communication Effective communication includes communicating orally, having the speaking capability, accurate writing, right presentations and listening. Listening Importance:
Listening involves hearing and cognition and assumes the ability to selectively perceive, interpret, understand, assign meaning, react, remember, and analyze what is heard. Barriers Skip words
Listen with biases Benefits Strong interpersonal relationship in the organization. Effectively Listening: Patience
Eye Contact
Paraphrasing Training Purpose: To conduct research surrounding these issues and analyze related data in order to provide suggestions to resolve this problem. Studies show that employees need at least 21 hours of soft skills training per year. With proper methods, training proved to be 93% effective. Conclusion? Lack of soft skills training is causing Bank of America to lose its competitive edge in the marketplace "The Winners" present:
Require all employees to take at least 21 hours of soft skills training per year Adopt a soft skills training program
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