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Drombeg Stone Circle, Ireland

Archaeoastronomical thingy

Annie Nealon

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Drombeg Stone Circle, Ireland

Drombeg Stone Circle A peek into astronomy of the ancient Irish by Annie Nealon What is Drombeg Stone Circle? Drombeg Stone Circle is a recumbent stone circle located in County Cork, Ireland. It was used to make astronomical observations, watch seasonal changes, and use the ancient calendar correctly.
Experts argue on whether it was used for solar or lunar observation. Some experts believe it was also a place for ancient feasts. Wait, what on Earth is a recumbent stone circle? A recumbent stone circle is a ring of large stones with one bigger recumbent stone on its side, usually directly opposite the smallest stone. The 2nd and 3rd biggest stones in the circle flank the recumbent stone. Recumbent means that the axial plane is nearly horizontal, hence the stone on its side.
Often, archaeologists have found ring cairns (piles of stones used as landmarks) and cremation remains in these circles. So how was it used astronomically? Drombeg is believed to have been used to see when the winter solstice was; therefore letting the people know where they were on the calendar.
The recumbent stone was placed in a South-southwest to a southwesterly direction, and so there would be an alignment with the recumbent stone on the winter solstice.
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