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Lesson #12: Sea Turtles

No description

chris desmond

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Lesson #12: Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle! Carapace: The dorsal or upper section of the exoskeleton or shell of a turtle. Plastron: The ventral or under side of the exoskeleton or shell of a turtle. Scutes: Boney external plate that makes up the turtle shell. Lachrymal glands: A specialized gland located behind the eye that secretes salt. Omnivorous: Eating both animal and plant matter. Juvenile: Not yet an adult; a sub-adult. Gastropod: A mollusk including all snails that has a single shell. Incubate: To maintain eggs at optimal conditions for growth and development. Sargassum: A species of floating seaweed. Sea turtle coming up for air in Marco Island FL! On a dive in Key Largo, Florida Kristen saw a sea turtle in the wild! You can even see barnacles and algae growing on its shell! More Sea Turtle Pictures! Hatchlings! Here is a video of a nest hatching!
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