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canto XVII


Olivia Baker

on 13 November 2009

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Transcript of canto XVII

canto XVII Characters who we meet/see Geryon: The monster from the circle of fraud; also a monster killed by Hercules. "3 bodied"-part man, part beast, and part reptile. Appearance: an image of fraud; "a likeness of deceit" The Usurers The fraudulent, moneylenders who multiply luxuries at the expense of the earth and others; with Sodomites since both make steril earth. In common usage today, the word usury means the charging of unreasonable or relatively high rates of interest. In historical contest, usury has always been linked to economic abuses, mostly of the masses and of the poor. Reginaldo delgi Scrovegni: A wealthy moneylender Enrico Scrovengi had a private chapel buit directly next to his family palazzo on his large estate. Enrico commissioned Giotto to paint the Arena or Scrovegni Chapel, partly in expiation of his father Reginaldo's sins and partly for his own. summary Dante and Virgil travel from the circles of the violent to the circles of the fraudulant. Virgil lures in the monster Geryon to transport them on his back away from the base of the abyss. Dante runs into Reginaldo delgi Scrovegni before take off. When they meet their destination, Geyron drops them off and zips away. sin: Circle 8: Fraud
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