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Analysis--A Core Ability

No description

Richard Runkel

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Analysis--A Core Ability

Analysis--A Core Ability
Accurate Observations are Specific
"I see a woman with her lips pursed."
Level Two: The student makes reasonable inferences
An inference is a
about an observation
Level One
The student makes

An observation comes through the senses
When you say, I observed,
you mean
I heard
I saw
I tasted
I smelled
I felt
The Five Senses
What are the benefits of careful analysis?
helps to communicate clearly
helps to eliminate prejudgment
improves perception
I see a woman with her lips pursed,
and I think she is
Inferences are based
on experiences and
(All inferences are subjective!)
State an observation and inference about the photo below
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