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ford mustang history

No description

brahian porras

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of ford mustang history

Ford Mustang
Universe The First
To The Last
Mustang The first mustang was introduced on april 17 Ford sold over 22.000 mustangs on the first day. The 1st mustangs was sold for about 2,300. In the first 4 months they sold over 100.000 They sold 1.000.000 in two years 1967 1967 represented the first redesign for Mustang Mustang appears larger Production for 1967 slipped to just over 472,000 unit 1971 Mustang is heavier than before There were a total of 149,678
Mustangs built in 1971 The Mustang lineup manages
only modest sales 1979-1986 Mustang is based on
an existing platform Mustang is more longer and taller Product: 396.936 Dual headlamps were introduced in 1969, with the extra pair set into the outer area of the grille. 1969 The 1974 Mustang marked the beginning of the "Mustang II" generation 1974 The Fox body benefits from the most dramatic restyling so far 1987-1993 1994-1998 2010-2012 The 1994 production Mustang sold
a total of 123,198 vehicles The new Mustang looked different, and it drove differently as well The new platform is designed to make the Mustang faster, safer,
more agile and better-looking than ever 2005-2009 1964 1999-2004 1994 marked the much-anticipated debut
of Ford's fourth major Mustang redesign 1999 marked Mustang's 35Th anniversary, and Mustang got a fresh new look. 2004 marked Mustang's 40th Anniversary, and all models (except Cobra) wore a 40th Anniversary badge on the fenders The 2010 Mustang is more powerful, features a revised interior and exterior, and is available with options such as a backup camera, voice activated navigation, and 19-inch wheels The Boss Mustang returns for 2012 "Sporty" is the operative word coming out of Ford's Product Design Center. In an attempt to rekindle the Shelby Mustang image, the Cobra II is introduced Mustang celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a limited edition of 2,000 special edition cars. The Mustang created a new "pony car" class of cars by adapting the "long hood, short deck" look of sports cars to compact sedans. It spawned many competitors such as the Camaro, and inspired smaller import coupes such as the Toyota Celica and Ford Capri. The Mustang has remained in continuous production to present day after many decades and numerous revisions. BY: BRAHIAN PORRAS
NHA UYEN NGUYEN mustang sold over 22.000 mustangs
during the first day Short demostration of mustang power
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