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The Alto Saxophone

No description

Helena Artates

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of The Alto Saxophone

The Alto Saxophone The History of the Alto Saxophone By: Helena Artates A Belgian instrument designer named Antoine-Joseph Sax, also known as Adolphe Sax, invented the Alto Saxophone in 1840. Why? At the Brussels Conservatory, Adolphe studied the flute and the clarinet. With the influence of his father's passion for creating instruments, Adolphe wanted to improve the tone of the bass clarinet. He wanted to create an instrument that would be the most powerful of the wind instruments and adaptive of the brass instruments. He also wanted to construct an instrument that would fulfill the middle range of the military band. Parts of the Alto Saxophone Audio Recordings Halo by Beyonce
Alto and Tenor Saxophone Duet Quiz When was the Alto Saxophone invented? The Alto Saxophone is member of the woodwind instruments. It is smaller than the tenor and larger than the soprano. Along with the tenor saxophone, it is one of the most common types of saxophones A) 1998
B) 1486
C) 1846
D) 1506 It is the easiest saxophone to learn because of its size, weight and its spacing of the keys. Who invented the Alto Saxophone? A) Antoine-Joseph Sax
B) Charles-Joseph Sax
C) Clarence Sax
D) Gregory Sax The Alto Saxophone is a brass instrument A) True
B) False On the Alto Saxophone, there is a part called a bell. What is it? A) A small item to ring to get your maid
B) The flared end of the saxophone
C) The U-shaped bottom of the sax
D) The straight part of the body About the Alto Saxophone The Alto Saxophone is larger than both the Tenor and the Soprano saxophone. A) True
B) False What are saxophone players called? They are categorized as woodwind instruments, as an oscillating reed produces the sound waves, not by the player’s lips against a mouthpiece as in a brass instrument. History of the Alto Saxophone continued... The instrument soon became popular across all of France. American musicians visiting Europe took a liking to the saxophone and soon it found a home in America, where it has been popular ever since. Four years after inventing the saxophone, Adolphe Sax received his patent. During that time he altered the instrument so that it was tuned into an E flat. He did this so that it could easily be incorporated into the military band, as military music was very popular at the time. When publicizing the alto saxophone, Adolphe ran into lawsuits and problems because his instrument company brought competition to other instrument makers in Paris. The Alto Saxophone is a common instrument in saxophone ensembles, concert and symphonic bands, big bands, and often as a solo instrument in rock, rock n’ roll, rhythm and blues, and jazz genres. Most Alto Saxophones are made of brass, but a company called Vibrato invented an alto saxophone made of polycarbonate. Video featuring the polycarbonate saxophone Over the Rainbow Kenny G and Austin live at Humphrey's San Diego Famous Alto Saxophone Players Charlie Parker David Sanborn Mindi Abair Compositions Chante Sacre by Berlioz
Rapsodie for Orchestra and Saxophone by Debussy
Saxophone Concerto, Op. 109 by Glazunov Resources Parts of the Saxophone

The History of the Saxophone
http://www.angelfire.com/ga/sax99/history.html Alto Sax
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http://www.saxophone-players-guide.com/alto-saxophone.html Vibrato Sax
http://www.vibratosax.com/products.php?id=1 Saxophone
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