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Her Point is...

No description

Daniel Cech

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Her Point is...

"Her Point Is" -The art of summarizing Put yourself in their shoes!

-Suspend your own beliefs, observe other's beliefs Know where you are going -Plan out your direction, make sure to incorporate their beliefs with your own. Plan a direction to take your paper Be Creative -Use satire to summarize and incorporate signal verbs to better convey your point Two Examples of the "Moves" -In "Why We Tweet" at the bottom of page 47, Steve Johnson uses these ideas to summarize how Twitter relates to modern innovation -In "Do you own Facebook? " at the top of page 107, Grigoriadis summarizes another summary written by Harper using the ideas described in the chapter "Her Point Is". For instance, the use of signal verbs throughout her summary as well as her ability to put herself in Harper's point of view. In this chapter, Graff and Birkenstein outline the steps required to create a compelling and thought-provoking summary. Such ideas include seeing the issue from another perspective, using proper verbs to convey a point, avoiding closest-cliches and list summaries and using all these ideas together. Overall, "Her Point Is" provides a foundation for creating a proper summary that sees everything from all perspectives involved. Three Main Take-aways
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