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The Element Neon

No description

Gabby Hernandez

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of The Element Neon

Neon Neon Ne is the symbol for Neon. The Atomic Number for neon is 10. The Atomic Mass 20.1797 P= 10 N= 10 it also has 10 electrons. Melting point is 248.6 C, 24.549994 K, -415.48 °F
Boiling point is 246.1 C, 27.049994 K, -410.98 °F

The normal phase for neon is gas. Today the price is 33$ per 100g of neon. It is also a nonmetal. Neon is a Nobel Gas and belongs to the Group 18. The origin of name came from the Greek word for new. (Neos) Neon Neon was discovered by Morris Travers and William Ramsay in 1898. Interesting facts: 0.0018 percent of Earth’s atmosphere is neon.
Even though it is rare on our planet, neon is the fifth most abundant element in the universe.
If you could gather all the neon from the rooms in a regular house in the U.S., you would get 2 gallons of neon gas.
Neon forms in stars with a mass of eight or more of Earth suns.
Neon has no stable compounds.
Neon is known not to be toxic. The End! Uses:
Neon is used to make neon signs.
Neon and helium can be used to make gas lasers.
It is also used in lightning arrestors, television tubes, high-voltage indicators, and wave meter tubes.
Liquid neon can be used as a cryogenic refrigerant. Bibliography: http://education.jlab.org/itselemental/ele010.html
http://chemicalelements.com/elements/ne.html Number of Energy Levels: 2
First Energy Level: 2
Second Energy Level: 8
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