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Five Characteristics of a Civilization

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Dan Hager

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Five Characteristics of a Civilization

What makes up a civilization?
Record Keeping
Because of complex institutions and growing cities, people realize a need for record keeping.

Examples: Documenting tax collection, passage of laws, storage of grain, important rituals, calenders.
Advanced Technology
Why we need advanced technologies:

1. Solve problems that are caused by large groups of people living together.

2. Make tasks easier to accomplish
Advanced Cities
Cities are the birthplace of the first civilizations.

Specialized Workers
There is a need for specialized workers such as traders, government officials and priests.
The development of skills needed for one specific kind of work. Skilled workers who make goods by hand are called artisans.
Five Characteristics of a Civilization
In order to survive, become strong and prosper, civilizations must have each of the following five characteristics
Complex Institutions
Increased populations lead to a need for a system of ruling (Government). AKA - Organization within a Community.

How are the 5 characteristics of a society different from the five elements of a civilization.
Examples: Merchants, Soldiers, scribes
Ox-drawn plows, irrigation systems, melting bronze, potters wheel.
A system of Writing:
Scribes (professional record keepers) invent cuneiform ( system of writing using symbols).

What this leads to:
People begin writing about dramatic events in their cities such as war, natural disasters and the reign of kings.
Key Differences between a city and a village:
- A city is the center of trade for a larger area

Cities depend on Trade - Farmers, merchants and traders bring goods to the city to sell. People living in cities also produce goods for exchange.
Goals: Maintain order and Establish Laws
Examples: Government, religion, economy
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