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What Were The Changes In Weapons Comparing WW1 Vs WW2

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Nico Lietz

on 8 May 2016

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Transcript of What Were The Changes In Weapons Comparing WW1 Vs WW2

What Were The Changes In Vehicles Comparing WW1 Vs WW2
The Use Of Tanks In Wars
Tanks were used to shield their troops and help them reach the enemies trench, they would be sent in first deflecting as many bullets as possible and helping troops advance faster.
Comparing WW1 Aircraft Vs WW2 Aircraft
Comparing the aircrafts the design and materials used were very different. The new planes in WW2 were able to now fly at an astonishing 430mph as well as a range of 2000 miles. The new planes also had radios allowing the flying squad to communicate with each other during dogfights and missions
Change #2
Aircraft In WW1 Vs Aircraft In WW2
Aircraft Used In WW1 For Example:
Albatros Scout

Aircraft Used In WW2 For Example:
P-40 Warhawk Fighter

Change #1
Tanks in WW1 Vs WW2
WW1 Tank For Example:
British Mark V

WW2 Tank For Example:
Background Of Weapons
Weapons were like a part of soldier's boies during the war. As time passed the technology behind weaponry has changed loads. Tanks, gasses and guns and other types of weapons have changed if we compare these two wars
Comparing WW1 Tanks Vs WW2 Tanks
The ability of the two tanks are very different, the tanks in WW1 were very slow only going at a top speed of 4mph with a range of going only 22 miles. although they were quite slow, the tanks had very thick armour ranging from 6-12mm and as well as damaging their enemies with their 2x6 pounder guns.
The Use Of Aircraft In Wars
Aircraft in wars were used to spy on enemy bases or movement, they also fought in the war called, Dogfights where they tried to take down as many enemy planes as possible
Comparing WW1 Tanks Vs WW2 Tanks Continued
With all the changes and equipment in weaponry the tanks in WW2 could move a lot faster because of their bigger engine they could now go at 24mph and an amazing range of 100 miles As well as that they also made he tanks armour 65mm thick!
Comparing WW1 Aircraft Vs WW2 Aircraft
Another huge weapon and vehicle in WW1 and WW2 was the aircraft. In WW1 planes were able to fly at a top speed of 106mph with a range of 290 miles! It was the best invention in WW1 allowing there to be combat in the sky as well as spying on enemy bases.
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