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Human Resource Management in Vietnam

No description

Stephanie Trinh

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Human Resource Management in Vietnam

Human Resource Management in Vietnam
Human Resources Management Issues in Vietnam
Economy of Vietnam (historically & currently)
FPT History Timeline
Issues In FPT
Maslow's Hierachy of Needs &
Alderfer's Theory
Maslow's Hierachy Of Needs Based On FPT Company
Factors Affect People Needs & Wants
1986 – 1994

The period of “entrepreneurial policy-makers”

Economic integration and adaption of market economy

2000 – 2006

Economic boom and emerging cultural values

2007 – 2016

Globalization and attitudes toward global geopolitics and geo-economics

"Doi Moi" -> Economic Renovation
Centrally-planned economy => Socialist market mechanism

Became member of ASEAN(1995) , APEC (1998)
An average GDP growth of 7.5% in 2000-2005 period.
The economy ranked at 58th largest in the world
Became 150th members of WTO

Taking the first steps with 13 founders

Providing Internet services, a breakthrough in Vietnam

Launching VnExpress

One of the first online newspaper in Vietnam

Investing in FPT retail chain expansion and e - Commerce

Selecting IT as the core business sector

Receiving ISO 9001 certification

Establishing the foundation for a comprehensive management system

Founding FPT University

Winning the first M&A deal in Vietnam and ICT companies' history outside the country

Motivating Employee with
Alderfer's Theory
Common Benefits
HRM for Employees
Hiring and Training Workforce
Benefits and Policies for
Employees in FPT
Employee Development Policy
Why Do Employee Become Demotivated?

Solutions For Improving HRM in Vietnam
Develop high-quality workforce
Combine human resource and IT development
Improve the education system
Increase minimum salary & wages
Young Population
Growing Rapidly
Ranked 14th most populous country in the world
End of 2014
Workforce less than 20% trained properly
6.3% of youths between 15 -> 24 were out of job
20.75% of fresh graduates (20 -> 24)
Unable to find work
Low salary
58% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.
Competition for better job promotion
Benefit reduce year by year
Confirms the right of employees to establish and join trade unions and to participate in trade union’s activities.

Stated aim of improving the labor market and industrial relations in Vietnam
Provides for social insurance regimes and policies; rights and obligations of employees, organizations, individuals.

“Doi Moi” => introduction of labor contracts
Protect the right to work, and other rights of employees

Keep close control labor market in Vietnam

Low Insurance
Overtimes & overnight are common
Pressure from managers
Long - term commitment
Measured by educational attainment, refers to jobs that require a high school diploma only, or could even be filed by a high school dropout.

Majority of employers (93%) believing that low levels of management skills are harming their business.
Gap between the employee’s actual performance and the level of performance required by organization.
Employee turnover is a measurement of how long your employees stay with your company and how often you have to replace them.
Low wages that cannot satisfy the basic needs
One day per week -> a chance for all of the different departments get together to celebrate, communicate, and socialize.
Provide coffee, tea, drinks, snacks, etc.
Provides gym, yoga, massage therapy, etc.
=> Help release stress

For employees to take an a nap after lunch.
Offer more day off with pay for father and mother.
Keep their position available
Leave or go home early in Wednesday (middle week)
Offer for employee who lack of their degree for free.
Offer sabbatic, long vacation with paid.
Unusual Benefits Offer From Company to Employees
Major Training Programs
Compensation Policies
Health Care
New employee training
Technology training
Periodic training
Manager training
Base salary
A 13th-month salary
Periodic health check-up once a year
Collective Bargaining
Building Workplace Productivity & Harmony
Two - way Communication with Workers
Build an Awesome Corporate Culture
Source: HR Survival Guide for Foreign Managers in Vietnam
Source : FPT Web page
Legal Law for Employees
Cultural Effect Vietnamese needs & wants
Different in workplace between Western & Vietnam
Issues and solution for HRM in Vietnam
FPT Company
Maslow's Hierachy, Alderfer & Herzberg Theory
Benefits from Company to Employee
From China by Land
Introduced when Vn was a French Colony
Ryan Morgan stated that ''Christians simply cannot meet without the permission of the government."
Difficult to join government system
Prefer work in Private Company
Slogan "Right Livelihood"
Politically sensitive
Risk avoiders
Male => Patriarchal
Prefer to be a boss
Live simple
Express their feeling frequently
Economic factors
A person's economic situation influences their wants and needs.
If someone is wealthy it means that they can afford more, and sometimes want more than a person who doesn't earn a lot
Personal factors
Attitudes, age, gender, emotions and hobbies.
Ex:Some people want have day off in Christmas holiday even thought it is not a Vietnam’s holiday.

Social Factors
Family and Friends can change your needs and wants
What people needed in the 19th century is different from what people want in the 20th century.
Developing Relations
Managing Conflicts
Creating Culture and Values in Organization
Evaluating Performance Management System
Vietnam Vs Western
Differences Between








HR Survival Guide for Foreign Managers in Vietnam.






Source : The World Fact Book
Source : FPT Web Page
Source : FPT Web Page
Human Resource Management should be seen as a strategic function of an organisation.
It helps to build a competitive edge for an organisation by positively engaging its employees.
Vietnamese employers should pay more attention to their employees and provide more benefits to motivate them and improve work performance.
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