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Hitlers DAughter Plot Lines

No description

Cole Johnson

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Hitlers DAughter Plot Lines

Hitlers Daughter Plot Lines By Cole Johnson Chapter 1 Chapter 1 begins on a rainy day at the bus stop, as Mark ponders whether the cows in the field can get cold and if they do whether they sneeze. One by one Anna, Little Tracey and Ben arrive. then the game begins. The game is a game where Anna makes up a story about a person who one of the others makes up. This time, however Anna chooses a character. This is how Hitlers daughter is born.

Heidi is a small girl who's father is never around. She calls him Duffi, never Hitler or father. She learns from Fraulein Gelber who stays with her in Hitlers secret house in Berchtesgaden. She had a big mark on her face, and her legs where uneven so Hitler hid her away. Heidi hopes that Duffi loves her.

Then the school bus pulled up. Ben decides the story is
weird, but Mark secretly hopes Anna will continue the story the next day. Chapter 2 - Germany Chapter 2 - Australia Nothing happens in Heidi's world in this chapter. Chapter 2 is called 'Mark Decides', and for a very good reason, too. The chapter is set on the bus, where Mark decides to ask Anna if she and Little Tracey can come to the bus stop early, so Anna can continue the story, without anyone interuppting. He doesn't ask Ben though (who kept going on about how war was so cool, and Heidi should be a soldier) because he feels it wouldn't be right with Ben there. Chapter 3 - Australia Chapter 3 begins at Mark's home where he convinces his mum to take him to the bus stop early. Mark is becoming more and more interested in the Holocaust and begins talking to his mum about it. When she asks him why he is asking all the questions, he dismisses the topic.

It turns out Ben has a cold and will be away from school for a few days. Mark doesn't want to admit it, but he is excited. At the bus stop the story continues. Chapter 3 - Germany We learn a little more about Heidi's life style. She doesn't go to school, she has baked rolls for breakfast, and she never leaves the house unless its for church. the only people she sees are Fraulein Gelber, the chef and other servants. All this was so Hitler could hide her from the world. Chapter 4 - Australia Chapter 4 - Germany Chapter 5 - Australia Chapter 5 - Germany Chapter 6 - Germany Chapter 6 - Australia During Chapter 4 we learn more about Heidi and Fraulein Gelber. We are told about the Fraulein's lessons, and other parts of Heidi's daily life. Now, however, is when Heidi first hears about Jews and becomes interested in them. She begins to ask questions about who they are, and why they have to go to seperate work camps, (which is all she has heard of concentration camps. Not much happens in Australia in Chapter 4, but some interesting questions arise (courtesy of Anna and Mark). Would/could you still love your parents if they did terrible things? Would you even know? Mark ponders the questions from the previous chapter as well as some others. He turns to his father for help. His father decides that if he was doing bad things Mark didn't agree with he wouldn't want him to follow along just because he's his dad. He also, however, says that if Mark was a mass-murderer, he would still love him. Nothing happens in the German part of the story in this chapter, but some of the themes of the book are advanced in the other plot line. In Chapter 6 Heidi, Fraulein Gelber and the other servants move, for an unknown reason. On the way, they encounter a bomber, which shakes them all up, but they get away safely. Heidi wonders if their enemies, the English, are truly evil, or just dumb.

Fraulein Gelber inspects the new house when they arrive. It is declared good, and Heidi is told about the new care taker Frau Leib, but she is warned against talking too much with her, because Frau Leib doesn't know who Heidi really is. The Australian plot doesn't advance at all during this chapter. No one interrupts Anna's story, in this chapter, or the next one which shows the growing interest in the story. Chapter 7 Nothing happens in the Australian plot line in this chapter.

This chapter is called Frau Leib, as it is all about Frau Leib. She turns out to be a large (though used to be larger), red knuckled, extremely talkative woman. She can be trusted, apparantely, as her husband was one of the first in their region to support the Nazi party, and she doesn't ask questions, but as stated many times in this chapter, she is extremely talkative. Heidi even wonders at one point whether Frau Leib just feels uncomfortable with her mouth closed.

One day Frau Leib gives Heidi a present; a rabbit. She tells her its because she is a good girl, but Heidi knows it is because she hasn't told anyone about the small bits of food Frau Leib has been taking. Meanwhile, Fraulein Gelber has become dis-interested in teaching, and Hiedi often catches her crying on her own. Chapter 8 This chapter involves the Australian plot only.

Anna, Mark and Little Tracey are on the bus when Mark starts pondering to Anna about whether anyone is actually better then anyone else. Anna initially says no in a very definite way, but then everyone begins to ponder the question. Mark gives the example of how Ben's dad reckons all Asians are criminals. Miss Latter (the slightly crazy bus driver) buts in and tells everyone about how Ben's dad is a racist, but when Mark asks her if she think any type of person is better than other types she has a few thing s to say also. Miss Latter reckons that men are worse than women, that they are much too violent, and that they should pay extra tax because of all the damage they cause. Chapter 9 This chapter is set in Australia only.

It is set in one of Mark's classrooms, just before the lesson starts. Mark asks his teacher some questions. Are kids always like their parents? If a child's mother or father is really evil, is the child as well? Mark's teacher becomes very worried about what might be happening at home, but Mark assures him its nothing. Chapter 10 This very short chapter is only set in the Australian part of the story.

The chapter is mainly about Mark and a classmate's (Bonzo) conversation. It starts off about homework, but when Bonzo asks Mark what he's doing on the weekend. Mark then realizes that its Friday, and they won't be able to continue the story until Monday. He wants to ask Anna and Little Tracey to come over on Saturday, but he isn't brave enough. Mark then asks Bonzo what he would do if a war started in their town. Bonzo decides it would be awesome. Mark is exasperated. Chapter 11 Once again, this chapter is set only in Australia.

Mark is waiting for breakfast. He hears on the news that 'the genocide continues'. This provokes thoughts about the Aboriginal people, and how they resemble the Jewish people in the rain of Hitler. He asks his father whether his grandfather stole land from the Aboriginals, and if he did was it their fault. His dad becomes angry and rages about 'do-gooders sticking their nose into other peoples business' and manages to avoid answering Marks question. Chapter 12 - Germany Frau Leib is gossiping again, when a more serious topic comes up. She says that the miller on the hill was sent to a concentration camp, because his sister married a Jewish draper. Heidi starts to wonder why Jewish people and their families are sent away, to work at special camps. She asks Fraulein Gelber, but she won't tell. Chapter 12 - Australia Mark, Anna and Little Tracey meet once again at the bus stop. Ben is still sick with a cold. Anna continues with the story. Chapter 13 - Germany The three kids meed at the bus stop again. Mark says that he knows what happens next, he says that Heidi will infiltrate the concentration camp, or pass information from Hitler to America and England. Anna quietly points out that Mark wouldn't do that to his father, and Heidi doesn't know what happens to the Jewish people at the concentration camps. Chapter 13 - Australia Heidi makes a plan to help the Jewish people because she thinks that are like her, with different legs, and marks on their faces. She sets up a hide out for the Jews in an old chicken coop in the backyard. She smuggled food and drink in their, so the Jews could live their with her. However, no Jews ever come. Mark reflects about how the story has become a routine for them. He wonders how it will end. He thinks about how Hitler and his wife killed themselves, but he is determined this won't happen to Heidi. He reassures himself that Anna can make the story end however she wishes.

But can she? Chapter 14 - Australia A motorbike arrives at Heidi's home to tell Fraulein Gelber something. It turns out Fraulein Gelber and Heidi are going to see Hitler. Heidi thinks she should be excited but she isn't.

When they arrive, Hitler only wants to talk to Heidi for a few minutes. Heidi remembers all the things she wanted to tell her father, but she stays silent. Hitler tells Heidi about all the people that are betraying him, and makes her promise only to trust him and Fraulein Gelber. The Fraulein is upset Hitler did not want to speak to her as well. Chapter 14 - Germany The story continues.

One night Fraulein Gelber wakes Heidi up and tell her they are leaving for Berlin. The soldiers are coming, Heidi thinks. they rush out of the house and into a car. Heidi wonders what will happen to Frau Leib, and whether she will see her father soon. Fraulein Gelber tells her to sleep, and eventually she does, resting on the Fraulein's arm. Chapter 16 - Germany Chapter 15 is only set in Australia.

Ben's cold has gone, so he is back at the bus stop. Mark is disappointed that he didn't stay sick just a few days longer. Little Tracey tells Ben that they are still doing the story, and what has happened so far, but Ben doesn't think he has missed much. Chapter 15 - Australia Chapter 17 is a very long chapter, where a lot of things happen, only in the German part of the storyline.

Heidi arrives in Berlin with Fraulein Gelber, and they are placed in a small, bar bunker. The only reminder of the constant war are the faint explosions that can be heard from far above. Each time a meal is served, Fraulein Gelber slips away a slice of cheese, or a piece of bread. One night, Fraulein Gelber leaves, taking the scraps with her. Heidi doesn't mind to much, and thinks that Fraulein Gelber probably went to her family. One day, the bombings get particularly loud, and Heidi hears her fathers voice outside. She runs to him and tells him she loves her, and that shes scared. Without a second glance, he tells the officers that he had never seen her before in his life, and they should get rid of her.

The officers chuck Heidi on the street, where she desperately clings to walls, and tries to get to safety. Gunfire and explosions surround her. She is blasted into a crater by a shock wave. She then looks up into the eyes of her saviors, the Schmidts. They take her away, and promise her a better life. Chapter 17 - Germany 'The End of the Story' is the name of this chapter, and rightly so. Its the end of the story. Everyone protests when Anna states this. They want to know what happened to Heidi. Anna mumbles out the rest.

She and the Schmidts went to a refugee camp, in the American controlled part of Berlin. They passed Heidi off as their daughter, Helga. So, Heidi became Helga. They were taken to Australia, where they settled in and lived for the rest of their lives. Heidi/Helga went to an Australian school, and had two children, a furniture maker and a teacher.

Then the bus arrives. Ben and Little Tracey pile on, but something is still bugging Mark.
'Didn't Heidi ever tell anyone?' he asks Anna, 'not even once?'
Anna says no very firmly, as if that is to be the end of it all. On the bus however, Mark asks her again. This time she answers with, just once to her granddaughter. She told her the whole thing, about Fraulein Gelber and Frau Leib, and her father, and the Schmidts. But she tells her granddaughter its just a story. Just pretend.

'Just pretend' Mark echoes. Chapter 18 - The Finale
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