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You can help to save our world for a greener future

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Fernandho Perz Acosta

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of You can help to save our world for a greener future

If we take short baths...
The pollution will be less..
if we use public transport.
If we recycle the paper...
the deforestation will be less.
If we don´t use a lot of plastic bags ...
we will waste less water.
The animal endangered will be safe...
if we stop hunting them.

we will reduce contamination or the sky and the greenhouse effect.
if the schools keep educate the students about the danger of it.
If we plant more trees...
the oxygen will be pure.

You can help to save our world for a greener future
Iran Alonso Pérez Sánchez
Aime Elizabeth Pérez Acosta
Fernanda Vargas Cervantes
Joseline Vazquez Garduza

If we save energy...
we will prevent burn fuel that harms the atmosphere.
The pollution will be less in the future...
If then factories don´t stop throwing waste into the seas ...
the animals in there will die.

If we make compost...
we will help to the plant growth.
we will die.

If we don't take care the planet...

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