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Sorority Recruitment 2012

No description

Michelle Coale

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Sorority Recruitment 2012

Welcome to Panhellenic Recruitment! SORORITY RECRUITMENT Look around you. Introduce yourself.
Shake hands with the girl to your left.
Shake hands with the girl to your right. INTRODUCTIONS GREEK LIFE ON OUR CAMPUS Fraternity and Sorority Governing Council PHC IFC NPHC Do I have to attend all the events?
How do sororities decide who to invite back?
What if I only want one sorority?
Are sororities time consuming?
How do I find more information?
What is a legacy? Frequently Asked Questions Ask Questions!
Be Open Minded!
Use your Rho Gamma
Your Rights Recruitment Survival What is "Bid Matching?"
What is Preference?
What does "Accepting a Bid" mean? Preference, Bid Day
& Accepting a Bid "Limited Contact"
Talking on campus Talking to Chapters DO
Look presentable! Wear something you might wear to a casual first date.
Wear something that might make you stand out in a good way.
Wear inappropriate attire. Yay Fashion Show! Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Delta Theta Phi Alpha Delta Zeta
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