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Ida introduction


Ida Brandao

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Ida introduction

Nota biográfica
Biographic notes
Ida Brandão
Apresentação Introduction

I was born in Lisbon
Vivo em Oeiras
I live in Oeiras
About 15 Km from Lisbon, by seaside, where River Tagus meets the Atlantic Ocean
Pintura - gravura - encáustica
Experiências de amador

Painting - printmaking - encaustic
Amateur adventures in my website
In this building

Neste prédio
Frente ao Forte de S. Julião da Barra (séc, XVI)
In front of Fortress S. Julião da Barra (XVI century)
Onde trabalho
Working Place
MEC - DGE - Serviços de Educação Especial
Ministry of Education - DG Education
Special Needs Services
Inclusive/Assistive Technology
Previous responsibilities:
coordination of ICT Programme for Schools
Lic. LLM, FLL/Univ.Lisboa (Univ. Lisbon)
Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures

Mestrado Gestão de Sistemas de e-Learning, FCSH/UNL (New Univ. Lisbon)
Master in eLearning Management Systems

Advanced studies course on Distance Education and eLearning (Ph.D), Open University Lisbon
My 2015 holidays in Edinburgh

My 2014 holidays in Istambul, Turkey
MoE -building where I work
Áreas de interesse
Areas of interest
Distance learning - eLearning

Universal Design for Learning

Pedagogical use of Web 2.0 tools

Production of learning artifacts with free tools
Nasci em Lisboa (Lapa)
Praia da Torre
Torre beach
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