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Andrea Amati-Inventor of the Violin.

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Kyle Johnson

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Andrea Amati-Inventor of the Violin.

When was the violin made?
The violin was made in 1558 when Andrea Amati was 53 years old.
He was a very good inventor if he made the violin.He made a very popular instrument.
Facts About Violins.
The Violin is the smallest and highest pitch instrument of the Violin Family, it is also a four stringed instrument played by moving a bow across the strings or by plucking.The first violin was made in the 1500's and were based off the stringed instruments in Byzantine Empire and the Middle East. Many Violins are made from maple or spruce and is constructed from 70 pieces of wood. The Violin can be used to play various types of music, including jazz, rock, folk music, and classical music.
Antonio Amati and Girolamo Amati were Andrea Amati's Sons, They were very experienced Violin makers. He had a lot of experienced Violin makers in his family.
About Andrea's life
Demonstration of Violin being played.

Andrea's life was full of amazing things, he created violins as example.
Andrea Amati: Violin - The Metropolitan Museum of Art April 4, 2014
Information on Andrea Amati, violin maker in Cremona, Italy April 4, 2014
Facts About the Violin | Primary Facts April 4,2014
April 4, 2014-April 21, 2014
Kyle Johnson
Andrea Amati-Inventor of the Violin

Who Invented The Violin?
Andrea Amati was born in 1505
and died in 1577,so he lived to be 72 years old.
He became very successful with Violins.
His Violins are
the longest lasting Violins.
Andrea Amati's Family
When the violin was made.
The Violin was made during this time period
When he was born
Andrea Amati Was born in 1505
The exact time the Violin was made
The First Violin was made in 1558
The Time He died
This was the day Andrea Amati died.
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