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The Exploitation and Abuse of Children Worldwide

Amelia's 8th Grade History Prezi

Amelia Grumbach

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of The Exploitation and Abuse of Children Worldwide

The Abuse and
Exploitation of
Children AFRICA:
The Exploitation
of Children in the
Cocoa Industry ASIA:
The Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Children in Thaliand North America:
Physical Child Abuse
in Rhode Island why do children become slaves? - Poor families sell or lease their children
- Children can support families if they earn
money working Percent of population under poverty level Conditions that Child Slaves
and labororers endure - Work 12-14 hours a day
- Abused by captors
- After effects of enslavement include:
- Damaged spines
- Chemical poisoning
- Machete wounds International intervention Young boy carrying a heavy load on a cocoa plantation in Ghana - UNICEF (United Nation's International Children's Emergency Fund)
- The Fair Trade Foundation Why are children abused? Impact of abuse on Children's lives Intervention and Prevention Child slave who has been
abused by his captors Who is abused? - Children of all ages
- Most common ages are birth to age 6
- 34% of victims are under age 3
- 47% of victims are under age 6 In 2009
-2 reported fatalities
-31 children hospitalized
-2,898 reported victims of child abuse - DCYF (Department of Child Youth and Families)
- Protect well being of child
- Help families to raise children well
- Awareness is needed Immediate
- Bruises
- Broken bones
- Death
- Depression
Long Term
- Unhealthy habits can lead to illness
- Brain damage
- Depression can lead to suicide - Cycle of abuse
- Parental/adult anger is taken out on children Who does child trafficking happen to? Why does sexual exploitation
and trafficking happen to children? Intervention/Prevention Around 30% of the population is under poverty level - Rural areas are more common for trafficking
- Foreign children in Thailand Exploitation-
to benefit unfairly from the work of someone, typically by overworking or underpaying them Exploitation
is human nature Children are most commonly exploited because of ease worldwide, approximately 4 million children each year are subject to abuse or exploitation Map and flag of Thailand Ghanaian flag Flag of the Ivory Coast Map of Rhode Island and flag of the United States young abused girl happens most to people who are unaware of the laws people are convinced to move into different countries for work - Lack of awareness
- Cycle of trafficking
- Thai culture
- Better opportunities in large cities - Poverty Though economy has gotten better, poverty is still an issue Many people who are exploited feel as though they are "for sale" because they have no control over their bodies and others are selling, buying and exploiting them A poster from a campaign preventing human trafficking and sexual exploitation Forced or convinced by poverty, millions of children are caught in the trap of abuse and sexual exploitation. The affects are disastrous and lifelong. The Future of Child Abuse and Exploitation - High level of poverty By Amelia Grumbach What is needed If this doesn't happen, what will? Thailand Thailand Rhode Island Ivory Coast and Ghana Ivory Coast and Ghana America - Literacy rate will continue to drop - Cycle of abuse will continue - Awareness
- Opportunities for victims - Laws enforced
- Poverty ended - No corrupt officers in government
- Poverty ended - Help from psychologists
- Intervention - children will continue to be hurt - Raising awareness
- Educate foreign and rural Thais about laws
- Enforce laws
- Prevent corrupt officers from being in the government Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2008 - Prohibits all forms of trafficking
- Created harsher punishments for offenders - Cycle of trafficking will continue
- Government corruption will continue
- Future generations will be uneducated Ghana 54%
Ivory Coast 47% This law is not enforced 8B
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