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Copy of Quarterly Business Review Q2 2013

No description

Elizabeth Schmitt

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Quarterly Business Review Q2 2013

Elizabeth Schmitt- Account Manager Quarterly Business Review Onboarding Declined RFH's Employee
Management Sourcing Strategies Internal Hiring Process East Market Total Applicants Process Outcomes East Market
December 2012-February 2013 Quarterly Business Review East Market
December 2012-February 2013 Cabinet Leader Senior Business Leader Hiring Manager Postings Social Media Referrals Passive & Community Job Boards
Chambers Linkedin
Webinars Career Event/Open House
Email Campaigns Currently Reviewing
Internal Hiring
Process Gaining Efficiencies Talent Management Landing Page Improve Candidate Experience Assessments Passed Recruiter Interviews Offers Manager Interviews Process Outcomes Total Hires: 45 External: 24
Internal: 12
Redeployed: 9 What We Heard From You Onboarding
Internal Process
Process Outcomes
Time to Fill
Declined RFH's Assessments Passed Recruiter Interviews Offers Manager Interviews Total Applicants Online Total Hires: 121 External: 97
Internal: 22
Redeploy: 2 1309 551 (42%) 501 (90%) 293 (58%) 167 (57%) 2271 766 (43%) 482 (63%) 249 (52%) 87 (35%) Customized Solutions Fp&A cascade message to Sr. Biz leaders Onboarding Coordinators assigned for New Hire Meet and Greet

Training begins 1st Monday of month
EA New Hire Training - 3 weeks
AC New Hire Training - 2 weeks classroom, 1 week OJT
FA New Hire Training - 5 weeks (includes OJT)

Specialized training offered after New Hire Training is complete

Preferable to know division assignment for training break-outs
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