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My science project on the eveloution of the kayak.

Nolan Doshewnek

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Kayaks

Kayaks Through the Ages
The Kayak was created by the native eskimos in north america the origin of the kayak is unknown but over the years diffrent inuit people would alter the design to better suite their needs The Kayak The kayak is a small man powered method of aquatic transportation is has been around for hundreds of years. The kayak is normally covered.

Kayaks have evolved over time some meant for rough fast waters were made shorter and wider to stop tipping. While others were made to break waves for kayaking out at sea. Then theres your standard calm water kayak which has kept a rather similar shape. Most kayaks are no longer made out of wood but hard plastic or thick inflatible material. Another thing about how the kayak has changed over the years is the purpose it used to be used for transportation fishing and hunting. Now it is now for the most part a thing of recreation and rarely used as a primary source of transportation. The kayaks method of propulsion has stayed the same the kayak uses good old manpower to get the job done but the larger surface area of the paddles and the kayaks sleek design do help the kayak get around faster.
The kayak is an intersting method of transportation and hopefully will be around for awhile. FIN
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