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Chinese Cinderella 20-21


Juan Sebastián Celis Torres

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Chinese Cinderella 20-21

Chapter 21 Chapter 20 Chapters 20-21 No body care of her So she began losing her trust in her But Yeye an Big brother motivate her to follow her journey She went back school a few weeks before vacations ended She singned up in an International Writting Competition and won it. Ye Ye die. Her father was proud and accepted to send her to England and study medicine. She spend the time in the library with Mother Louisa. There was a ceremony, in which no one was crying except for Adeline. Pneumonia Adeline gets sick She went to the hospital The only one who visited her was Mary. She met her father; no longer an orphan. Went back home for 1 week for recovering. Found YeYe sick and sad. They received a letter telling she could skip another grade. Third brother "You must feel pretty good about yourself" They nicknamed her "Scholar" Felt rejected by her family. "In 2 years, only had been allowed at home 3 times" She felt like a nun in the convent. Niang did not liked her " do not spend too much time with her" "Honestly I dont like myself either" YeYe: "You are precious and special" Characters:
Mary Suen
Third Brother
Niang "If I should be so lucky to succeed one day, it'll be because you believed in me" She injected her loneliness, isolation and feeling of being unwanted. It became a passion. Try to communicate with her parents. They seemed had forgotten her entirely. "Now he'll never know how much he influenced me. Does anyone else in the world care whether I win or lose?" Niang told her to get a job. CHINESE CINDERELLA
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