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Animal Rights Movement

No description

Kate Dungey

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Animal Rights Movement

What we Work to Prevent
Our company works for animal rights by raising awareness, rehabbing wronged animals, and fighting for animals in court. We help animals who are being lab tested, in industrial farming, in circuses and used for shows, being used for fur, and more. these animals are living in sometimes dangerous places and get treated as if they are objects not living things.
Where do we work?
We have offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington. Our offices are in the downtown area of the city and are spit into different sections (law, media, and medicine/animal rehab)
Who are we?
We are a dedicated organization full of lawyers, doctors, politicians, inspirational speakers, and activists who all feel very passionate towards animals and animals rights. We have three main offices and at least 65 people at each office.
We receive donations from many different sources from large companies to small school fundraisers. Our organization has been running for three years now and in the last 6 months our donations per month have risen tremendously. We are becoming a more well known and popular organization therefore receiving more donations and increasing the amount that we can do for these animals.
Our Company
Animal Rights Movement
Donation Increase
Animal Testing/ Farming
What We Do
Why Us?
Our company covers all areas of animal rights. We rehab abused, lab tested, and hurt animals. We fight for animal rights in court and through law. We raise awareness to the situation with add campaigns and speakers that discuss and educate people on the inequality of animals.
Why our organization? With so many good causes why donate to us? Our organization unlike many others has very few other organizations working towards the same goal (animal rights). Because of this it is more important for us to get donations to support and help these animals in need.
Our Donations
Our company works toward improving the rights and well being of animals. Whether it's industrial farming or lab testing, we speak for the animals since they can't speak themselves. Our goal is for animals to be treated with equal rights to humans.
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