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Retail Consultancy

No description

Sophia Ratcliffe

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Retail Consultancy

The Pennine Centre - Consultancy Pitch Ratcliffe Retail Consultancy
"Helping retailers across the globe since 1995" Gaining an Insight Possible Outcomes:
Reduction in HR General Administration Staff
Finance staffs contracts to be deducted to part-time contacts
Creation of full-time administration roles within Services/Maintenance
Restructure of teams The Team Business Strategy Analyst
Director of Research
Director of Business Development
CSR Specialist
Marketing & Communications Specialist Past Clients The Problems Decrease in Retail Sales
Declining Occupancy of Retailers
Low Team Morale
Management Structure
Access to Facility
Relationship Damage
Health and Safety Personal Development Programme
Customer Service Training
NVQ Retail Management/Business
Teamwork and Leadership
Appraisal Scheme
Improve Communication
Incentives Programme
Employee Recognition
Team Bonding Sessions and Away Days
Discounted Leisure Facilities Pass SWOT Analysis Strengths Facilities to accommodate all
Central location
Reputable retailers
Talented staff Weaknesses Management structure
Low team morale
Investment in employees
No public transport links
Breakdown in relationships
Health and safety Opportunities Engagement with the community
Partnership building
Access to large cities
Public Transport Threats Lack of support
Breakdown in relationships
Loss of profit
Reputation damage Reassessment and Restructure of Employee Roles Travel and Public Transport and CSR Implement a traffic management system to reduce congestion

Work in partnership with the local transport to create public transport links

Improved cycle ways and pedestrian routes and provide secure bike racks

Becoming greener - promoting other modes of transport by offering incentives Qualitative and quantitative research to be carried out internally and externally
Research to be analysed by our research directors
In depth market assessment
Competitor analysis Priorities Improve Health and Safety
Increase Staff Morale
Gain an Insight - What the Customer Wants
Relationship Building with Retailers
Leadership Development - The Key to Improving Morale
Increase Revenue and Footfall Potential Outcomes for Management Introduction of Non-Executive Chairman and Health and Safety lead
Introduction of Health and Safety/Quality Service Manager
Implementation of Marketing, PR and Events Team
Redirect Resources to Senior Positions Core Values Key focus points for The Pennine Centre include:

World Class Customer Service
Excellent Safety and Security
Playing a Part in the Community
Becoming a Great Place to Work, Play and Shop Aim: "to run a successful and flourishing shopping and leisure centre that is welcoming, safe and provides an exceptional level of customer service" Corporate Social Responsibility Increase Footfall Regular events to be held at the centre to accommodate all demographics
Food and Drink
Music and Dance
Children's Activities

Work in partnerships with companies such as Groupon and Wowcher to offer deals on the shopping experience Team Morale Finance Health and Safety Immediate Safety Audit
Health and Safety to be implemented into the culture of the organisation
Non-Executive Health and Safety role and Health and Safety Director
Refurbishment of certain areas within the facility to enhance safety Questions and Answers Hotel
Provide discounted rates for the guests to shop, eat and drink and entertain

Holiday packages and coach tours to be arranged

Work with companies such as Groupon and National Holidays Key Performance Indicators Implementation of Retail Monitoring Programme to measure:
Staff Level of Engagement
Audience and Demographics
Utilisation of Facilities Marketing Strategy PR, Marketing and Events team to begin raising awareness
Potential re-launch dependent on the research undertaken
No-Cost Benefits/Cross-Discounting throughout the shopping centre and leisure facilities
Farmers market to be re-launched offering discounted pitch prices and incentives to customers to increase food sales
Additional modes of transport incentives If the suggested investment is made into increasing footfall, we predict a 10% continuous growth per annum once the £120 million target is reached by 2014

Most strategies will work to create coalitions with other organisations such as education authorities to enable greater CSR activities resulting in:
Minimal spends
Partnership within the community
Increasing reputation Key Competitors Trafford Centre (Manchester)
Arndale Centre (Manchester)
White Rose Shopping Centre (Leeds)
Trinity Leeds (Leeds)
Liverpool One (Liverpool)
Kirkgate Shopping Centre (Bradford) Work in partnership with education authorities

Fund raising events to support local charities

Sporting events - Work with local sport teams to increase the use of the leisure facilities Restructure of Management
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