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Roald Amundsen

No description

Evan Easton

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen The Last Viking Roald Amundsen's Ships The Fram The Gjoa About Roald Amundsen Roald was born July 16 1872 in Fredrikstad, Norway, but lived most of his life in Borge, Norway. His parents names were Jens Amundsen and Hanna Sahlqvist. He was inspired by Fridtjof Nansen's crossing of Greenland and Sir John Franklin's try at the Northwest Passage . He had promised his mother that he would become a doctor, not an explorer. He kept his promise until she died when Roald was 21. Roald Amundsen has had three major expeditions, his first expedition was from 1879-99 to Antarctica. His second expedition was the Northwest Passage from 1903-06. Third and most known was the South Pole from 1910-12. Roald died June 18 1928 in an airplane crash near Bear Island on a rescue mission. Fun Facts 1. In some cases Greenlandic water can be colder
that Antarctic water

2. Some say Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen were part of the "Golden Age" of polar exploration.

3. One reason Roald is not as famous as he could be is because the San Francisco was going on when he found the Northwest Passage The Gjoa The Gjoa was the first ship Amundsen owned. He took the Gjoa on his expedition to the Northwest Passage. It was 70 feet by 20 feet. Most explorer's had ship's bigger than that. He bought it in 1900 from Asbjorn Sexe. The Fram The Fram has been on many Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, between 1893 and 1912. It was first used in Fridtjof Nansen's crossing of Greenland, and finally in Roald's south pole expedtion . It was gifted to him by Fridtjof Nansen. Major Expeditions 1. Belgian Antarctic Expedition
Time: 1879-99
Ship: Belgica
What for: Antarctic Reasearch
Achievements : First ship to spend
a winter in Antarctica

About the expedition
In 1879 Captain Adrien De Gerlache set off from Antwerp, Belgium for Antarctic research. Roald was the first mate on the ship. Last minute their doctor canceled and they picked up Dr.Fredrick cook from the U.S.A. The crew and captain got sick from scurvy and Roald and Fredrick took over and saved the crew. They set up hunting parties for seal meat because it had a lot of vitamin C which prevented scurvy. They all returned safely to Belgium . 2. Northwest Passage
Time: 1903-06
Ship: Gjoa
What For: Magnetic Pole Research and to be the first to
find the Northwest Passage.
Achievement's: Acquired valuable Magnetic Pole Research
and was first to find the Northwest Passage 3. South Pole
Time: 1910-12
Ship: Fram
What For: Since the North Pole was already conquered by
Robert Peary he decided to go to the South Pole
Achievements: First human to reach the South Pole.
About the expedition:
Roald Amundsen told everybody that he was traveling to the
North Pole because he was uncertain if people would support him. When they got to the ocean he told his crew that
they were going to the South Pole. Englishman Robert Falcon Scott was also going to the South Pole. Roald beat him and arrived 5 weeks before Scott. Scott died on the way back. Northwest Passage

I've left Norway for my Arctic adventure. We crossed the Atlantic
and stopped in Greenland for a dog team and supplies. We then ventured to the Canadian Arctic. We were sailing through the passage and came upon a sheltered island that was near the North Pole. I named it Gjoa Haven after my boat. Here I will do Research on the the North Magnetic Pole.
I met the Inuits they're very kind and generous. The Inuits taught me so many thing. They taught me how to properly drive my sled dogs, how to keep the runners on his sleds smooth so it's easier for my dogs to pull. They also showed me how to pace myself when traveling so I don't sweat and become cold. Most importantly they showed me how to make Inuit clothing to keep warm and water proof. Northwest Passage

The Inuits are very smart they know so many useful tactics about the Arctic. I met a man who I believe is the most skilled in his tribe, his name is Atikleura. He showed my crew and I how to make wind proof igloos. He uses a large knife that has the blade of a butcher knife and a one foot long handle, to cut huge blocks and stack them a little more inward each time. Then his wife Nalungia filled the cracks with snow so no wind gets in. I invited the Inuit's to the Gjoa for an New Years and Christmas celebration. I noticed that Nalungia had the finest clothing of all the women in the tribe. I was also told that the underwear Atikleura wore, is better and warmer than anything I brought from back home. I hinted that I would like some Reindeer undergarment's. Atikleura seemed very happy he stripped down and gave me the ones he was wearing and grabbed an old pair. I hesitated but he insisted I put them on. I hope what I learned will help me in the future. Contact With The Inuit's Has Been Unique Finally Reached Land Today I Have A Different Opinion Of How It Resulted Northwest Passage
Opinion of Atikleura & Nalungia (Inuit Friends)

When we first saw the new white men we didn't if we were friend or foe. But when their leader put down his rifle we knew we could be friends. We have traded with our new friends the Gjoa crew, Arctic Char and Caribou Meat. In exchange they gave us sewing needles and knives. We have showed him many important tactics to survive the Arctic. Nalungia and I believe Roald will be very successful because he is open minded and willing to learn Arctic skills South Pole Map Northwest Passage Map Framhiem is were some crew stayed well
Roald and others made their trek to the South Pole Actually started from Norway and crossed
the Atlantic to the Canadian Arctic By: Evan Easton
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