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Non-standard ways of KICB card products' sales

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Janyl Irsalieva

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Non-standard ways of KICB card products' sales

Non-standard ways
of KICB cards' sales

Bank Card
Market Overview
Teaser Advertising
KICB cards
for ambassadors
& state officials
Sales through
Social Media

Our team
Zhanyl Irsalieva
Elzar Nurbolot uulu
Eldiyar Amanturov
Farida Abdulojonova
Aliya Bazarkulova
Dilbar Esenbek
Zhibek Zakirova
Age distribution of Facebook users
Target Segment:
67,560 users
Stimulation of KICB Bank Cards' Sales
Create a game or a test on KICB Facebook page

Invite target users

Every month 100 winners will get prizes:
Flash drive;
Umbrella with KICB logo;
Bank card of KICB

Post photos with winners -> share information among other users

Sample Posts on
KICB Facebook
Costs vs. Benefits
Cost Estimations
Attract target group to visit KICB page on Facebook (67,560 users)
If 30% are interested ->
20,268 potential customers

40% of potential customers ->
Increase in sales by 8,107 cards
Target group
31 Embassies of KR abroad
82 Foreign embassies in KR
113 Ambassadors
22 Government Agencies
+ 16 Ministries
1100 Government Agents
+ 800 state officials

105 000 cards issued

34 000 working cards

$ 9 million turnover
3 billboards for 2 months

Target group: citizens of Bishkek and guests

Costs: 3 billboards x 307 USD x 2 months=1843 USD

Expected sales: 5000 cards

Opportunities for KICB
Ambassadors (31+82) x $ 3000= $ 339,000

Diplomats (31+82) x 5 x $ 2000= $ 1,130,000

State officials (16+22) x 70 x $ 300= $ 777,000

$ 2,246,000
expected attraction of funds
Promotion through Facebook
Teaser advertising (billboards)
KICB Cards for ambassadors

For employers
For employees
Ability to pay abroad
Expenditures control
of money
35000 people save $300,000 every month...
Save with KICB cards
KICB cards for modern people
Success is with me
Banking cards for successful people
Control of
travel expenses
Reduction of
money transfers
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