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Gun violence is a serious issue facing our community in the bronx.

Nicholas Marrero

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Guns

Gun Violence In one year on average, almost 100,000 people in America are shot or killed with a gun.

In one year, 31,593 people died from gun violence and 66,769 people survived gun injuries.
12,179 people murdered and 44,466 people shot in an attack (NCIPC).

18,223 people who killed themselves and 3,031 people who survived a suicide attempt with a gun (NCIPC).

592 people who were killed unintentionally and 18,610 who were shot unintentionally but survived (NCIPC).U.S. homicide rates are 6.9 times higher than rates in 22 other populous high-income countries combined, despite similar non-lethal crime and violence rates. The firearm homicide rate in the U.S. is 19.5 times higher.

Gun violence impacts society in countless ways: medical costs, costs of the criminal justice system, security precautions such as metal detectors, and reductions in quality of life because of fear of gun violence. These impacts are estimated to cost U.S. citizens $100 billion annually As of 2008,32.4% of all the nation's cities, suburban towns and rural areas experienced gang problems.

The Department of Justice estimates there are approximately 27,900 gangs, with 774,000 members, impacting communities across the United States.
3.At least 400,000 youths are currently in gangsnationwide. (FBI).

Violent street gangs are active in 94 percent of all medium and large sized cities in America.(Journal of American Medical Association)

Gangs remain the primary distributors of drugs throughout the U.S.

Shooting incidents rose 6%, from 400 in 2010 to 424 in 2011.

The number of shooting victims grew 10.6%, from 473 victims in 2010 to 523 in 2011.

The Bronx’s highest overall crime rates were in the 43rd Precinct covering Soundview, Parkchester and Castle Hill. Mayor Bloomberg has been on a crusade to stop out-of-town guns from getting into the city. He says he’s trying to do his part along with the city’s police department.
The NYPD gun strategy uses felony arrests and summonses to target gun trafficking and gun-related crime in the city. NYPD pursues all perpetrators and accomplices in gun crimes cases and interrogates them about how their guns were acquired. In a proactive effort to get guns off the streets, the NYPD's Street Crime Units aggressively enforce all gun laws.
Even though gang violence is at dangerous levels now ,there are many possible solutions to this problem. Schools have taken their own procedures to reducing gang violence. Schools have forbid the wearing of gang equipment, provide support for victims of gang violence and intimidation ,help parents get involved with their children through parent training and counseling , and removed all graffiti everywhere. Schools have also added gang and drug prevention into the school curricula , and have provided sports, drama, and recreational activities as alternatives to gang activity. Actions have also been taken by those involved with law enforcement. They have kept hard-core gang members off the street with swift arrests, and they have conducted patrols through the streets in order to remove violent gang members from the streets. They also share information and work with all types of agencies which include probation, paroling authorities, corrections, community groups and schools.
Some ways to stop gun violence are to...One. Get as much guns off the streets as possible. Two. Put more officers on streets patrolling. Three. Educate people on the issue and help stop gun violence.

Some ways to stop gun violence are to...One. Get as much guns off the streets as possible. Two. Put more officers on streets patrolling. Three. Educate people on the issue and help stop gun violence. SOLUTIONS Gang Violence is a serious issue affecting our community. It affects people of all age groups. Gang Violence refers to mostly those illegal and non-political acts of violence perpetrated by gangs against innocent people, property, or other gangs. Throughout history, such acts have been committed by gangs at all levels of organization. Nearly every major city was ravaged by gang violence at some point in its history. Modern gangs introduced new acts of violence, which may also function as a rite of passage for new gang members. Gangs tear apart our communities and disrupt our schools.
Although most gang violence occurs between rival gangs of the same ethnic background, gang activity affects nearly everyone in the community in some personal way. In America’s schools, gangs often create an environment of intimidation and fear that can make it all but impossible for students to learn in their areas. Gangs today are involved in a variety of crimes, their influence on the flow of crack and other dangerous drugs into our schools and communities has resulted in additional social problems. The gang population in the United States has increased for several reasons. These reasons include access to drugs and guns, poverty, racial diversions, lack of parental supervision, and lack of employment opportunities. PROBLEM Mitt Rommey: January 7,2008
"I believe we need to focus on enforcing our current laws rather than creating new laws that burden lawful gun owners. I believe in safe and responsible gun ownership and that anyone who exercises the right to keep and bear arms must do so lawfully and properly. FACTS Gun violence is not just effecting people in communites. In countries. Or even our own nation.It is effecting people worlwide. People need to get serious about this issue and get more serious about finding out ways to stop gun violence. Make a difference and save someones life. Help stop gun violence. My personal views on gun violence are that it should be stopped. There should be stricter law enforcement for the possession of a gun, and they should only be handled by police officers or some other type of authority. Guns should not be used unless absolutely necessary, otherwise people should live safely and try to help others to do so. My personal opinion on the issue , is that gun violence is a growing problem that needs to be stoped. More law restriction should be placed on guns being smuggled in the United States. That would slow down the flow of gun trafficing, and we would be more able to focus on the guns present in our country. From my perspective, gun violence is a serious issue affecting our community. If we do not take any actions quickly, people of all ages will be severely harmed .As the violence continues not only will people get hurt but others will soon become tempted to join the violence as well.Although I do believe we should have guns but not in the hands of teenagers, only the military or the police. In my neighborhood gun violence is the worst in my opinion the south bronx is not the safest place to raise a family.Because of gang violence and gun violence alot of innocent people have died because of gun violence and somebody should stop it. In my opinion is that gun violence and gun trafficking are really very negative effects on the community and someone needs to take action. The focus needs to be on the guns present in our community rather than the guns being illegaly smuggled. Rick Santorum Rick Santorum: Voted no on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence and voted yes on more penalties for gun violence and drug violations. Mr. Santorum is a supporter of gun violence and approves of it while at the same time he believes that there should be consequences for the use and actions of gun violence. Mitt Romney Nancy Andrew Tarik Boisseau Nicholas Marrero JAVEL SMITH Gun violence in New York City is an intensely debated issue in New York City. The rate of gun violence in New york has increased significantly, from 2010-2011. There are too many victims of gun violence because we make it too easy for dangerous people to get dangerous weapons in America. The sad part about all of this gun violence is that it is taking many innocent lives. For the most part it's because of people being at the wrong place at the wrong time. If gun violence was monitored more than chances are people wouldn't have to be concious of being at the worng place at the wrong time. People need to realize how important and serious this issue is and help put an end to it. We agree with this because, although guns are dangerous they are
good for protection and can be useful in dangerous situations.
You never know when you are in a life or death situation. We agree and disagree with this because guns should be allowed i n the public but not in the hands of teenagers .They should be used by people who are authorized to use them such as the police or the military. We disagree with what Rick Santorum is saying because he is a supporter of gun violence and our goal is to get rid of the problem.
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