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AOI Student learning expectation presentation given at the SAIBSA Job A LIkes at Ecole Mondiale in Mumbai April 9, 2010.

Curtis Beaverford

on 23 July 2011

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Transcript of AOI SLE's

The MYP Inquiry Cycle & The Student Learning Expectations for the Areas of Interaction An example of the process using community and service the concept of community—including what “community” means, how communities are different and how they are similar, what makes a community individuals in communities—including the role of the individual, the needs of the individual, the responsibilities of communities to their members different communities—including the various forms of community, the needs of different communities, the issues within the communities, organizations within communities attitudes—including reflection upon different social patterns and ways of life, showing initiative responsibilities—including the ethical implications of activity or inactivity within the community, using personal strengths to enhance communities, identifying personal strengths and limitations community involvement—including types of involvement, effects on communities at various levels, personal involvement being an active contributor—including showing willingness and the skills to respond to the needs of others, coming up with solutions to actively resolve issues within communities identify individuals needs, responsibilities and roles within a community describe individuals needs, responsibilities and roles within a community analyze individuals needs, responsibilities and roles within a community Break down in order to bring out the essential elements or structure. Give a detailed account Recognize and state briefly a distinguishing fact or feature. Command term common to all subjects. This relates to a subject specific objective Area of Interaction Significant Concept MYP Unit Question Community and Service

Through our investigation of local elections students will:

analyze individuals needs, responsibilities and roles within a community How do communities meet their needs? Community - how communities
structure themselves to meet their needs. The Unit Planner In this unit on local politics students
developed their ability to analyze local
the individual's roles within a community through an
investigation into munciple elections. The student learning expectations for community and service. The use of SLE's in the planner Some examples from the OCC Suzhou Singapore International School Western Academy of Beijing Seaford K-12 Planning examples from PLC in Perth How they are developing. Personal Project Example
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