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Technology 1890 - 1914

No description

Megan T

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Technology 1890 - 1914

1900 - 1905
The first radio receiver was invented, and it successfully received a radio transmission.

The first vacuum cleaner tube was invented at this point in time, now still currently a everyday useful invention .

Around 1902, the first air conditioner was invented

Also, the first gas motored airplane was invented at this point
1890 - 1895
At this time point, the first adding machine was invented, which could allow someone to type in numbers up to 10 as an adding machine, put on a single row, much on like a modern computer today
1895 - 1900
They started making short films at this time that soon turned into long movies

Modern Technology in Canada Today
1905 - 1910
1910 - 1914
Radio broadcasting was invented in 1906
Around 1907 colour photography was invented.
The very first piloted helicopter was invented
In 1909 the ford T model was invented.
The invented the first escalator around this time
First publication of infrared photographs
The first modern neon light was invented
The first pop-up bread toaster was created
The army tank was invented, which were later used in World War I, etc
1.We will divide you into two teams, half of the classroom and the other half separately.

2.Next, we will state a technology based device from the 1800-1914 time period.

3.You must state the modern time version of that device, (i.e. an adding machine, modernized would be a calculator.)

4.Whoever guesses first,will get a point for their team.

5.After 5 rounds, which ever team has the most points, wins.
Around this time they had made the cinematograph which is a motion picture film camera which also works as a film projector, which is similar to a video camera today
They had also made the first automobile,and perfected it to the gasoline powered automobile
The first key set was invented, which is now still used regularly
They soon made a flying machine which only made circular flights and could stay in the air for just over a minute
The telediagraph was made, also known as wirephotos, which was used to send pictures to someone else by either through telephone or telegraph - (used to send and receive messages, much like texting today)
In the mid 1890s, the Pianola was developed and was launched in 1897,becoming widely popular, worth thousands
Life was pretty different from the 1890 to 1914 time period, as they didn't have the many things that we have today. We have a lot more things than what they had and we take it for granted. They had technology as well, but ours is much more upgraded than theirs was. Most of our technology today is developed and based off what they had created, such as the telephone, which was invented in the mid 1800s, is now modeled into a small, portable cellphone, that comes with many different accessible features, such as applications, (known as 'apps'), and a touch screen, an onscreen keyboard to type or text, and even the option to take pictures, search things on the internet in seconds, and many more features. And all these things wouldn't be without the first inventions developed and created in the 1800s. And now, with their help, we have so many things and resources available to us now in 2014.
1. When did they invent the first escalator?

2.Describe how the first adding machine looked.

3.What is another word for the telediagraph?

4.When was the first automobile made?

5.Around what time did they start making short films?
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