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Forced Connections

No description

Patrick Campbell

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Forced Connections

Forced Connections
Forced Connections
When is it used?
Forced Connections
How is it used?
Forced Connections
Why is it used?
Forced Connections
Where is it used?
Forced Connections
Who uses it?
Forced Connections
Who invented it?
Forced Connections
Awesome fact
Forced Connections
What is it?
By: Josh Valentani, Patrick Campbell, Dylan Schaffer
- All the modern English literature is a pattern of 26 letters.
- All the paintings that have ever been done are made of 3 fundamental colors – blue, red, yellow.
- All the music that has ever been written consists of patterns made out of 12 notes.
- All the information you see on your computer screen is a pattern of binary code
- It is the combing of two unrelated idea or things to make something new
- for example combing a clock and a radio is what created the now common clock- radio
- Easier to think of something new
- Used as far back as Leonardo Da Vinci
- Koberg and Bagnall are credited with the idea
- Anybody can anywhere at anytime!
- help you get that little creative spark you needed to finish whatever idea it is you may be working on .
- Everywhere
- Use it to overcome a creative road block
- Help you get started on a project
- Improve a company
- Making everyday decisions
- it brings a new way for us to express ideas on a creative level
- By doing this it opens up a way of seeing how a word like Apple can relate to a word like Computer.
- People like originality and people who can utilize ways of thinking that they could not.
- It is a good way of generating new ideas and some ideas that there was no way else of thinking of it other than using forced connections.
- This can be used whenever you a thinking. or have exhausted every other option to solve a problem
it is a very abstract take on problem solving
- How we use Forced Connection is looking at what things are different from one another and how you can relate one object to the other.
- There is two games called “Apples to Apples” and “Cards of Humanity” that are great examples of Forced Connections.
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