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executive approach

No description

pinar tengu

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of executive approach

EXECUTIVE APPROACH What is the main goal of executive approach? The main aim of executive approach is to give students both a set of basic skills which will be useful in their lives and knowledge of a specific subject matter that will allow them to successfully progress through their schooling and become productively engaged in a democratic society. “Each new learning builds on the last and leads to the next.” KNOWLEDGE It is What teachers know about subject, how interested are in that. techniques which help students in gaining knowledge,understanding
Ss should achieve the goal
how lesson should look like, their organisation
first, teachers should know HOW to teach and WHY they teach the specific information METHODS Cues
Corrective Feedback
Reinforcement 3 methods and techniques that have an impact on teacher´s efforts: -teacher focuses just on Methods and Knowledge
- teacher makes the lesson according to a plan, given by the government. Not according to childrens‘ needs.

-Teacher is always firm and in command, but also kind and gentle. What is the role of executive teacher? "Teacher is not “inside” the process, but “outside” managing it." How does the teacher manage the classroom? Past: XIX and XX centuries

•Teachers were just experts in the subjects.

•The main tasks of executive teachers were to get the students together, gain their attention and present a well-constructed lesson. However, since the 1970s:

The main task of a teacher is to engage his students academic work of some sort. But, how can you do it? Decide what to teach: find out what your pupils are able to learn and then revise and adapt the material in order to make it more accessible to them. Decide how to get your material across by asking yourself these questions:

What classroom structure could best contribute the successful learning?

What Motivational devices can you use to interest the students and keep them engaged?
Once you have made and revised your plan, you must do it. After teaching, you may follow up with an evaluation in order to check if a part of the class have understood at least the half part of your explanations. Then, you should reconstruct it so that the most of the students can understand it when you reteach it. "Remember that you should manage people and resources on planning, action, assessment,
and reaction on the basis of experience and evidence." How does the teacher manage time? Allocated time is the total amount of time available for learning,also we can say that it is opportunity to learn .
•Engaged time or time on task is the time a given student actually works at the subject
•For your ınterest : The engaged tıme ıs just 20% of the lesson
•Academic learning time is the amount of time students spend actively working on tasks of an appropriate difficulty.
•Wait time is the time that elapses between a teacher’s question and a student’s respond to the question
•Students engage in bargaining;time on task ;Sedlack 901 Pınar Tengu
Tereza Kalinova
Emine Güneş
Paula Montes
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