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Othello Introduction

Sophomore-level introduction to Shakespeare's Othello

Joe Marsala

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Othello Introduction

and Character Guide Introducing Othello Othello is a Tragic Play A tragedy usually involves the death of the main character after great personal loss. Tragedy: So why spoil the ending!? What this means: We already know Othello will most likely die. Rank: General of the Venetian Army

Married to: Desdemona

Othello is a very skilled soldier, leader, and warrior. He is greatly respected for his accomplishments on the battlefield. People enjoy listening to stories of his past. Othello AKA:
"Moor" - often used to describe Othello instead of using his name. Refers to a Muslim of the Medieval time period.

Iago and others use many words in reference to Othello. We will keep an eye out for these throughout the play and put them in the synonyms box on the Othello Character sheet. More on Othello Iago What is a tragedy? Rank: Ensign & Advisor to Othello

Married to: Emilia

Iago is a true sociopath, often regarded as the greatest Shakespearean villain. He enjoys enacting revenge on Othello. Why? We'll try to figure that out. Daughter to: Brabantio

Married to: Othello

Served by: Emilia

Desdemona fell in love with Othello upon hearing his life story. She is a trustworthy, generous, loving wife. Desdemona Cassio Rank: Lieutenant (Othello's Second-in-command)

Cassio is young for being a lieutenant. He is extremely loyal to Othello and is a very honorable soldier. Iago resents Cassio's promotion and blame's Othello for promoting him. Tone, connotations, imagery, word choice and sensory imagery.
Iago's reasons for revenge.
Elements of racism.
How women are portrayed.
Patterns that help create theme.
How are they developed? What we're looking for: Read ( A LOT! IN-CLASS and OUT LOUD!).
Act out important scenes.
Write ( A LOT! About stuff that we can relate to).
Decode the Shakespearean language.
Have fun, laugh, and learn.
Be respectful, be on-task, contribute. What we're going to do: SPOILER ALERT!!!
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